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  1. looking for the info about the lists of the members of the world war II in the philippines.my father francisco e. taganas sr. was an employee before.hope u can help me find his name in your list.tnx

  2. My dad was Giovanni “John” Valera. Corporal. WWll. 8th USAF. Cook. How can I find out his military route? I have his DD214. But would like his battalion number and other information.

  3. My dad, Lt JG Wesley Matheny was a Naval Flight Instructor in WW2 stationed in several places during the war on the home front. I have a picture of him with one of his planes and wanted to know if someone could identify the plane for me. I could send the picture or attach it to this site. Would appreciate any help

  4. I am looking for my dad. I have very little info on him . He was in the army during world war 2 and was injured. His name is joseph jensenl jr.. If anyone has any information please let me know…Thank you.

  5. I asked for information about my father last year, but no one responded. I thought I would try again. Does anyone have information on my father, Francis (Frank) Salter? He fought in WWII as a Tec 4 in the 3rd BN HQ CO 361st Infantry Regiment. It is listed on his discharge papers that he fought in Rome Arno, No Appennines, and Po Valley. Thank You, Keith

  6. I’m a photographer from Washington, DC and I’m looking for WWII Veterans that live in Perryville, MO. If you have any information or suggestions how I can locate any living WWII Veterans in Perryville, MO please share them with me.

    • You should call either the local VFW or the DAV and have them put your information out there for anyone to contact you if they’d like. I doubt they’ll give you the personal information, but you can give your contact info. Also, just curious, why Perryville? Pulaski County, MO (my home area) is literally the first Purple Heart Community in the state, and they’re veterans love to talk (I know, I was related to a few of them). Even though both my grandfathers and my godfather have passed away (they were all WWII vets) my grandmother might still know people in the area.

  7. Giovani Palazzolo (Johnny) is my father, he was a Ranger in WWll. If anyone can help me find any military information about him I would be very grateful, his records along with 4 of my uncles were in the fire of 1973.
    He was born Sept 7, 1921 in Detroit Michigan, Wayne County. He enlisted in Detroit. I was told he went to Dearborn Michigan to sign up for VA Benifits.
    We know he came up through Sicily because he went a-wall to visit his grandmother, he was also in Belgium.
    His Dog Tags seem strange to me-Palazzolo, Giovani,P, the next line T42-43, then in the bottom right side has the letter C.
    I have a return address form a letter he wrote, BTY C 400th C.A.B.N. then it looks like (A.A), A.P.O. 464.4. Postmaster. I’ve tried looking up BTY C 400th, but am confused by all that I find.
    I’d like to find out what Ranger unit he was in and anything else.


  8. Looking for any information on my father
    IRVING (BUD) ABRAM He was in the tank division under Paton. Italy if I’m not mistaken.
    Also my father in law. HENRY (HANK) SCHAFFER. Army, in Normandy after the invasion.
    Thank you

  9. My grandfather was a member of an organization called the 1 2 3 Boys. I believe the members were those who served during the Spanish-American War, WW I and WW II. I haven’t been able to find anything on it. Anybody know?

  10. I am looking for info on my great grandfather John Racannello, Served in Japan and Korea . He was stationed in pearl harbor not long before the bombing. landed in Okinawa. part of the navy i believe but not sure which branch

  11. Hello everyone, my great uncle Kelsey K. Black served in WWII. I have no idea for how long or what exactly he was doing, because he committed suicide soon after returning and no-one ever talked about him again in the family. We recently found some of his old uniform stuff and discovered that he did something with medical. What I need help with is an old military pin we found but can’t identify. It is a bronze wreath that has two lines on it – the top is P G and the bottom is 2. So PG2. I can’t find anything online so if anyone has any ideas what it means I would be grateful. I served in the military for many years and so has my spouse, and we’ve never seen anything like it, granted, we also weren’t around for uniforms in the 1940s. Thank you for any help!

  12. Hello!

    I am looking for information on my uncle, Kent Daum from Marion Ohio.’He settled in Cleveland Ohio after the war and died in the 70’s.
    All I remember is that our mother told us he saw heavy fighting in France? during WW2 .
    I am traveling to Normandy with a group in August (one being a D Day plus 3 vet) and they are asking for info from us on family members who served…
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    (His brother (my father) Is James Francis Daum and served in south Pacific)

  13. Hello,
    I write from Germany and had already the best experiences with Veterans Lost and Found, for the people there helped me to find my father, a soldier of the occupying US army, 70 !!! years ago. He himself is dead, but I have now three half siblings in the USA and we try to develop some relations after so many years. Some months ago I have visited them and we talk about our lifes and they let me know a bit about my father; but – as is mostly the case – he didn’t talk about the war and the time in Europe. Therefore I try in this way finding out something about my father’s life during his army days.
    It’s obvious to me, that there is little chance to find someone of his comrades, who is still living or even looking on this platform, but maybe I find relatives or descendants, who are well versed.

    The facts, I know:

    My father’s name: Robert E. Ledbetter, dog tag 36631077 T43 43 A, * March 2nd, 1922, +2000
    From: Cook, Chicago
    His best friend: John Roberts
    Both belonged to: 252nd Field Artillery Battalion
    Here are many photos dating from 1944 and 1945 with pictures and names of his comrades, too, and sometimes giving the place, where the photo was taken:

    There is another photo collection of Charles Overstreet, who was the photograph of the battalion, where you can see many members of the 252nd Field Artillery Battalion in different places:

    It would be great, if there is someone, who can tell me something about this battalion or even about my father.
    I could return the favor, for I bought 60 pages from the archives in St. Louis about this battalion, where you can see nearly all unit reports from August 1944 till August 1945, the names of the officers and the number of enlisted men, all decorations, with which they were decorated, the wounded, the dead, the places, where they were … Even the weather and the road conditions are described. (I can send scans to anyone interested.)
    But there are two time leaps: What happened between Oct. 11th and 25th and between Dec. 4th and 20th? Were they involved in the battle in the Huertgenwald? Together with the 9th army? Or in other battles?
    And is there anyone, who could tell me, how many people belonged to such a battalion (509 enlisted, but how many fraughted?)
    Is there anyone, who has profound knowledge?
    Thank you!

    Christine Romeiser in Kleve, Germany.

  14. Looking for a WWII veteran or his family. Ed Ellis, New Jersey. 8th Air Force stationed in England during 1944/1945. He became a good friend of my family in Blackpool.England and was stationed not far away and believe he was perhaps with a Supply Unit. He spent every day he was free with our family. I was just 13 at the time but Ed became like a brother to my brother and me for the time he spent with us. I have searched for him for many years. I have some photos of him and a letter he wrote to my parents from France in December 1945 when he was getting ready to go home. I am up in years now and hope this post will help to find him or his family so I can share what I remember of his stay with us. I live in Tennessee and my husband was in the US Air Force. To anyone who can help I thank you in advance. Our surname was Mather by he way. It would be a miracle to find Ed. I do remember he said his grandmother lived on Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City and he promised her he would always go to Synagogue on Holy Days. That is about all the information I can recall. Audrey Batson formerly Mather. Her’s hoping

  15. A Chamorro family on Guam would like to contact the descendants of a Navy pilot who crashed on Guam in 1944 and was executed by the Japanese. The pilot, LTJG Hamilton, crash-landed near the property of Jillette Leon-Guerrero’s family at Machanano, Yigo, Guam. Jillette’s father (age 11) and uncle Juan (age 14) helped LTJG Hamilton out of his aircraft. Hamilton gave his ID bracelet to Juan just before the Japanese arrived and took LTJG Hamilton away. Jillette’s father told her LTJG Hamilton was executed at Agana, Guam shortly thereafter. Jillette’s father is not expected to live much longer, but would like to meet the family of the pilot. Any info you can give us to help find LTJG Hamilton’s family will be greatly appreciated. We don’t know what type of aircraft he was flying or what time of year this occurred.

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