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  1. Hi
    I have found a dog tag when tidying the house of my late father. He was 15 in 1942 and lived in Casablanca (Morocco). As he witnessed the landing of the US troops in north Africa in november of 1942, he or my grand’father had probably found the tag on the beach in the following days.
    I would like to handle the dog tag to any surviving family, if at all possible.
    The dog tag bears:
    tag number 36xxxxxx T42 43 0
    next of kin MRS EL JOHNSON followed by an adress in Chicago Ill.
    Religion Protestant

    Any information will be welcome.
    Roger B. France

    • Hi Roger,
      I have a lot of experience helping people return items to veterans. I don’t charge money for helping. You can email me at dogtag73 (@gmail.com) or go to http://www.facebook.com/angelosangels and send me a message With a name like Johnson, it might be difficult, but I hope I’d have some luck locating relatives for you.

  2. I was trying to reach the moderator of this group. I received an automated reply: I thought the info below may be helpful to others in our forum. Much apprecition and gratitude to Richard Berry, in clebration of his life and service.

    In memory of the late Richard Berry 1921-2015 – USN, WWII http://ww2.vet.org

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    Good Luck!
    Dave Berry
    In Memory of Richard Berry 1921-2015, USN WWII

  3. I am looking to see if my grandfather was over seas when ww2 was going on his name was Harley f weber he was born in 1919 i beleave he was in the army

  4. I have a WW2 canteen cup which I purchased at a surplus store in 1949. Etched on it is the following: Blue, Richmond, VA, Camp Lee, Hood, White, Adair. Pat. Henry, Oran, Italy.
    Italy 1944-45
    I would like to return this item with the original canteen, holder ,and web belt, to the original owner or his relatives.

  5. Looking at some of the camp names, Camp Lee, Hood and then in particular Camp White and Camp Adair, and Camp Patrick Henry (which was an embarkation port) this soldier may have served in the 91st Division.

    The problem is there does not appear to be a soldier named (unless his name is Blue).
    Mr Blue could have been inducted at Richmond VA then went through a series of camps before going overseas, first to Oran then on to Italy.

  6. Lost my dads dog tags. Initials are JSP, religion is catholic. I can verify full name and social. Army tags. I lost them in CA.

  7. Hi there,
    I am seeking information on my great-grandfather. His name was Abraham Gotlinsky – although his surname may have been Gotlin before he entered the service. He was in the US Navy and served in WWII and was eventually stationed in San Diego, CA. I know he grew up in New York – I believe in Brooklyn and would probably have enlisted there. He had 6+ siblings. I unfortunately do not have much information other than that. I am hoping to find out more about his life before and during his service and about his military career.

    Thank you!

  8. There are some records for an Abraham Gotinsky, serial number 706-69-85 on fold3.com.

    Note: fold3.com often has free access around Memorial day.

    He enlisted in New York on September 4, 1942. Most of his WWII service seems to be at naval bases on the Galapagos Islands, the base at Corinto Nicaragua, the Canal Zone etc.
    He may have left the navy in 1945 then re-enlisted as he shows up several times on the USS Prairie based in San Diego, 1947 to 1949. The USS Prairie was a destroyer tender.

    This Gotinsky died 7 Jan 1984.

    • Thank you so much!! That is his death date according to his tombstone but all of that other information is entirely new to me! Thank you also for mentioning fold3 – I didn’t know that website existed and I will most certainly be eagerly awaiting Memorial Day to see if I can find anymore information on there. I had no idea I would get a reply so quickly – thank you so very much.

  9. Hello. I am trying to find out anything i can about my grandfather’s military record. I know he was in the Army WW2. He told me he was in the trenches but i do not know where or how to start looking. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. He passed away and i would love to know something about that part of his life.
    Lonnie Lee Campbell
    Born in 1929

  10. Malorey, I think your grandfather was born in 1925 not 1929. His grave is here:

    (I believe you are mentioned in the obit).

    He was in the Army Air Forces. On fold3.com there is an enlistment record for a Lonnie L M Campbell, serial number 38644004, from Jones County, born in 1925. He was drafted on 13 February, 1945. At that late date he would not have seen combat service in Europe and probably not in the Pacific either. He may have served overseas post war.

  11. Hello,
    I am looking for any information about my soldiers. His name I adopted at the Walls of the Missing in Margraten, the Netherlands.
    His name is Floyd C White Sr.
    Private, U.S. Army
    67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division
    New Jersey
    November 17, 1944
    Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey
    Doris E. (Gilman) White (wife)
    Floyd C. White Jr. (son)

    This is the information so far.
    I thank you all for reading this and perhaps I will find information about my soldier.

  12. Found !!! Dog Tag near Delaware Ave in Philadelphia I would like to return it to next of kin Victor Delucas 32239041, WWII vet.

    • I’ve put out a notice on a site called Vintage Philadelphia on the off chance it was a local. Will let you know if I hear anything concrete.

    • There a 3 men named Johnie York listed in the NARA enlistment database. All were drafted in 1942.
      Johnie I York from Missouri, born in 1913. Serial number ends in 6018.
      Johnie V York from Arkansas, born in 1922.. Serial number ends in 1785.
      Johnie L York from North Carolina, born in 1917. Serial number ends in 3173.
      T43 is the year of his tetanus shot, 1943.

      • Thank you for the clarification of “T43.”

        I finally figured out the other numbers were his serial number and traced it to Johnie V York of Arkansas. I believe he married Lorean Wooley but, I can’t confirm that as of yet. Do you know of a way to find his family?

        I found the tag in my step father’s possessions. His name was Waymen Dean Phillips, also of Arkansas. Maybe they were good friends. Dean died a few years back.

        Anyway, would love to deliver it to his kin if they want it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

      • Johnie Vestel York was born in 1921 (not 1922, I had it incorrect above) and he died in 2009. His obit is included in his findagrave posting:


        His wife was Rae Dean Lawrence according to the obit. The obit mentions 3 daughters and one son, Jerry J York with wife Tina.

        I believe that Jerry and Tina live in Maryland Heights, MO.

      • Oh wow, thank you! That is good information and gets me just a little bit closer. I really hope this will get the tag to those that deserve to have it.

  13. i have found a flag that was on the casket of eddie holtz of lee il. I am trying to find some info on him so i can get the flag back to the family. the flag i have came from lee post 1253 american legion. this is a 48 star flag.

  14. Hello!! I’m searching for some information on my Great Grandfather, his name was Ralph Alvey Powell and he served as a US Navy Shipfitter first class from WWII through the Korean War. He was from Illinois and was born in September of 1915. I know a lot about his service career, but not much about him personally. If you remember him, or have a family member that does, please let me know. I would love to have a chat with you to hear more about him. Thank you!

    • It may depend on what the photo shows. If you can identify a possible unit then you may be able to post the photo on the unit’s website.

      Maybe the way to start is to just post the photo on a free hosting site, such a imgur.com and then post a link to the photo here. Someone here may come up with some ideas on what to try next, based on what can be seen in the photo.

      • Hi,
        I know who the person is in the photo. I’m just trying to finally put a name to the famous photo. He was in the Big Red 1, First Infantry Division, and was one of the first waves on Omaha Beach.

    • Cary,
      I am looking for a photo on my great uncle, which appeared in life magazine days before he was KIA.. Is the picture you have of a WW2 US soldier translating french for the troops? He would be speaking to a French women.
      My mother saw the magaziass but the magazines have been lost as all her Aunts and Uncles have past and the next generations did not know the historical significance to the agazines.
      Thank you.

  15. Pingback: Silver Stars – Missing Marines

  16. I am trying to locate information about my father-in-law, Earl Raymond Werline. We know that he served in the Navy during World War II aboard the Vincennes (CA-44). He enlisted with his brother (we believe in Wyoming), but was actually from Ohio. We have pictures of his years in the Navy and think that he remarried…lived in California for a time…and possibly passed away in France. I would like to be able for my son to know more about his grandfather, so would appreciate any information regarding Earl’s service during the war. Thank you!

  17. My grandfather private Charles B LaGrone
    A.S.No. 44031175 who died in the European Area, February 28, 1945
    I’m trying to find out what happened.
    Can someone please help me.

  18. There were four guys in the second armored division . Russ Weissenstien , ( my father) who later had our last name changed to Weston , Al , Doug , and Ray . I do not have the last names for Al , Doug or Ray . I found pictures of these four together and they called themselves ” One of them” . They fought together in the Ardennes , and landed in Normandy on day 2 of the Normandy invasion . My father died in 1997 and I just recently found these pictures of them . If anyone has any info on these “One of Them” guys please email me .

  19. My father Robert Voght Died when i was very young. I have a few pictures of him but no pictures or any other information about him other than a copy of his discharge of 21 march 1945. He was stationed at Ft Sumner N.M. 267th AAF. If anyone has any pics or information of this unit during this time or recognize my fathers name would be appreciated.

  20. I am trying to locate any information about my Father’s service in WWII. His name was Palmer K Cooke. He was born in Fairfield County, South Carolina and entered service in the Army in March 1944, at Ft Bragg, NC. Relatives tell me that he was then transferred to Great Britain for some period and then eventually to La Havre, France. From that point I have no further knowledge, other than he served in the infantry. His OMPF was also destroyed in the 1973 fire in Washington, D.C., but I understand some parts of his military record might have been reconstructed. My Father had a very difficult time after the war and I’ve been trying very hard for years to understand more about what he might have encountered during the war, where he fought, what unit he served in, and even if there’s a way to get in touch with anyone who might have any information, knowledge or recollection about my Father. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

    • Steve,
      He served in the First Army (not sure what unit) and was wounded on February 9, 1945 in Germany and was sent to a hospital in Paris. There are two newspaper articles in the Columbia Record, dated Mar 25 1945 and Mar 26, 1945 which give those details.
      Not much information, but perhaps a start.

      • Palmer K Cooke was in Company M of the 310th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division. The 78th Inf Div was part of the 1st Army. There is an on-line regimental history of the 310th which lists Palmer K Cooke on book page 298. Not sure if there are any other references to him in the book.

        You can download or read the book online from this link.

        The book has a detailed description of the action that occurred around February 9, 1945.

      • Steve, Company M would be in the 3rd Battalion of the 310th. Most of the maps in the book show detail to the Battalion level, not company level.

    • Christine,
      It may depend on in what time period the dog tag was made. There is some dog tag background here:

      Note that some dog tags after WWII actually had SS numbers on them, so it may not be a good idea to post information on that type of tag online. If it is a WWII tag there are some websites that can help, or you can post it here.

  21. Looking for Jack Perry, Navy Vet. that served 4 years in Vietnam War. He attended New Hyde Park Memorial High School in New York and graduated 1967. He had a girl friend in Texas. I am trying to find him for a friend of his that served with him named Doug. If anyone can help please contact me,I am a U.S. Marine Vet.,my name is Phil Garcia, My email is felipe58@gmail.coim or send text to cell phone 682 313 5340, I prefer text since I only check email once or twice a week. Thank you in advance for any help in finding Jack.

  22. Hello. I am searching for any descendants or relatives of 2 Lt. L. Robert “Bob” Lewis, 2 Lt. John F. Nagy, 2 Lt. Jack K. Cole, S/Sgt. Edward F. Goodwin, S/Sgt. Robert H. Mohler, Sgt. Phileas L. Boase, Sgt. Harvey C. Patterson Jr., Sgt. Vern A. Garris, and Sgt. George H. Gustavson. They were crew members of my grand uncle 2 Lt. Eugene L. Stephens. He was the navigator on their B-17 F, 97th BG, 414th Squadron. They were shot down 23 April 1944 during a bombing raid on Wiener-Neustadt, Austria. Cole, Garris, Boase, and Patterson survived. I would love to speak to the relatives of any of the crew. I am searching for any pictures or stories from their wartime service, epsecially pictures of them with their plane. Thank you!

    • Mary Katherine,
      As you no doubt know, these men were on B-17F 42-5943. Do you have the MACR, (Missing Air Crew Report) for this loss? Fold3.com has a copy of the 39 page report. The MACR contains a next-of-kin list which is usually the starting point for these kinds of searches. Unfortunately, the next-of-kin list on fold3 is a rather poor copy and difficult to read.
      You will probably need to seek out relatives one by one. Many websites can be useful for your search, some are free, but a few crucial ones are paid sites. How far along are you?
      It is possible some relatives have done some of this work for you.
      Jack K Cole (with the help of his daughter Lucy Cole) wrote a book about his experiences called “Boggies at 12 O’Clock”. Have you tracked Lucy down?


  23. looking for any survivors.of operation cherry blossom. bouganville.my dad was a marine in the 9th marines .landed somewhere on cape torinoka i think.he was a bar man. rod stewart and his close buddy was sammy owens.

  24. i am also trying to find any information on a robert swanson from brinnon wash. is army ww2 europe is all i know.

  25. Hello
    I am helping a lady from Germany to find her father, who is an WW 2 veteran from the US.
    Her name is Hannelore and her father is James Arthur Brown from Cumberland, Maryland, born on 26.06.1928. He was stationed in Gelnhausen in Hessen / Germany.

    As he returned home to the states when she was a baby she never really got to know him. It has always been her greatest whish to get to know her father. Today she is very sick that’s why her wish becomes more and more urgent.

    Does anybody have any information about that person or any idea where to find some? Hannelore and I would be very thankful for an answer!
    Hopeful greetings, Lilian

    • Found on fold3- James Arthur Brown. Address 16 Mertens St, Ridgeley, W. Va. born 26 June 1928. Mother Edna R. Brown. Employer- Kelly Springfield Tire Co., Cumberland, Maryland. Date of registration 27 June 1946. Hope this helps.

  26. Looking for my grandfather’s unit in ww2. William t Eshenbaugh joined army may 5 1944. Been wondering what unit and battles he served in. He passed before I was born, I served our great country in the marine corps during operation Iraqi freedom. Also I was named after him. Please help me find out who he was

    • William,
      If you have not done it yet you should try to request his military records from the government.
      They have a website at archives.gov and if you follow the links related to Veterans’ Service Records you end up here:
      You will want to request the OMPF files and for men discharged before 1956 those records are open to the public. Some of the information you need will be his Army Service Number, which was 33938244 and his Social Security Number which was 209-07-4357. (Both are now also public knowledge). He was born April 28, 1918 in Pennsylvania and according to his findagrave.com listing, died on April 26, 1978 in Arizona.
      Your uncle also applied for the Pennsylvania Veteran’s Bonus post war. While the records don’t show his unit, they do show he entered service on May 5, 1944 and left the service on October 18, 1945. He was overseas from December 5, 1944 to July 4, 1945. He was discharged from Woodrow Wilson General Hospital (Staunton, VA) on October 18, 1945. Thus, he may have been wounded overseas and would have received a Purple Heart.
      Good Luck on your searches

  27. I have a U.S. dollar bill signed by approximately 24 WWII veterans in 1945 in a foxhole in Germany just before the war ended. I would like to contact any of these men or their families and return the dollar bill. Some of the names are: Alfred Cheesebrough, PFC Paul H. Jordan, George Hunt, Jr., PFC David N. Gonzalez, Carlos Gonzalez, K. M. Sang, James Hobbs, PFC Daniel Richardson, Pvt. Hobart Hickock, and Sgt. Theodore Holloway.

      • First of all, thank you. I will go to the website as soon as I close this window. By the way, I wrote to the records unit in St. Louis and got no help.

    • Mary, with the spelling you have given there is one enlistment record on the government archives website:


      Fold3.com, which is a paid website, also has (in addition) a Selective Service Registration record from June 30, 1942 for a man with the same name, also born in 1923 and from Texas. (It gives an actual birthday as March 23, 1923. This “Clearance Fields” was born in Waskom, Harrison County, Texas but was then living in Jefferson, Marion County Texas and worked for the L.A.&T. Railroad. The two records “may” be for the same person.

      (Fold3.com often has free access each year for a few days around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.)

      One additional hand-written notation on the fold3 Selective Service Records says “Honorable CDD Discharge, 5-31-44”. A CDD is a “Certificate of Disability for Discharge”. It is discharge given for medical/psychiatric reasons.

  28. I am in possession of a first print copy of the Guadalcanal Diary by Tregaskis. My copy was presented to Cdr. Wharton by LtCol Cuieolla on March 5, 1943. I am looking for information on Commander W.S. Wharton and Lt. Col. A. J. Cuieolla. Thank you in advance. Respectfully, dsm

    • Cdr W. S Wharton is probably Wallace Shirley “Buck” Wharton. He served in the navy during WWI and was in the Naval Reserve between the wars. He was from Oregon and was head of the utilities division of the Oregon Tax Commission at the start of the war. He was recalled to service and served in naval intelligence in Washington D. C. during the war. He was promoted from Cdr to Captain during the war.

      • No luck so far on Lt. Col. A. J. Cuieolla. In fact there is no one in the US buried with that last name. Are you sure of the spelling?

      • Thank you so much! I will try to find his relatives. I think one of these families will really appreciate this book. v/r dsm

  29. Is there a way I can send you a scan of the page on which he signed his dedication for you to run the spelling? I did my best but, it’s a guess. Thank you so much. v/r dsm

    • Don, Maybe you can upload the scan to a hosting site like Expirebox.com
      They will then give you a link you can post here. After 2 days, the file is deleted.

  30. Rolland, You are amazing. It is easy to see that his time in DC was when he gave this book to the Commander. I can use the-information here to find the families. Thank you so much! v/r dsm

  31. The WW II Monument Committee in Newbury MA is seeking information on, or family members of, the following veterans whose names are listed on the monument:
    Guy Carpenter
    Joseph Greaney
    William Greaney
    Napolean King
    Samuel Larkin
    Charles Lenane
    Clifford Kent
    Leroy Partridge
    Orin Partridge
    Martin Rogers
    Henry Skeele
    John Skeele
    The men lived in Newbury or the village of Byfield which is part of Newbury. Any information or assistance is very greatly appreciated!

    • Orin Partridge appears to be Orin Ellsworth Partridge. He was born in 1917 and died in 1953 in New Hampshire.


      He served in the US Navy during WWII from March 31, 1941 to March 14, 1946 and was a Carpenter’s Mate. He married Ellen Bonnell. They had five children. One son, Orin Jr of Bradford MA, died in 2012. Another son is Robert E Partridge, who currently lives in E. Hampstead, NH. He also had three daughters, two of which appear to still be alive, Wendy E Cook of Plum Island, MA and Florence E Dimes (Davis?).

  32. I found a set of promotion orders in a wall at work (I’m in Richmond, VA) from 11 July 1942. Trying to track down the family so I can maybe get them to them. There are a few holes in the page but the name is Har__ __yer Reihard and his service number (I think) was 0438836. This was his promotion to 1st Lt. He was USAAF and might have served in Australia… any help would be great.

  33. Looking for possible relative Lt.Dog Doggett
    Recently saw a Picture of him that told his name and hometown. Hamilton ,Texas WWII

  34. HI I am looking to connect with anyone who was in an artillery unit in the Pacific theater. Not sure how many of these units there were and if I should try to find out more about which one my Dad was in?

  35. Hello, I’m trying to find information on my great-uncle. I’m looking for what unit he was in , all I know is on his obituary it says WW2 vet. He passed in 1965 and I named my son after him. Would like more information to give my son when he gets older. I would appreciate any help, thanks. Daniel P.

    • We will need more info to help you, such as your great-uncle’ full name, where he was from, birth and death dates, etc.

  36. Looking for info about my husbands father who fought in the army in WWll. His name was Antonio Leonardo Aguilar and was born in 1918 in Cuero, TX. All we have is a copy of his death certificate saying he was in this war.

  37. Hi, I’m looking for any information on my grandfather, Gerald M. Monahan, he served as part of a B-29 crew in the 19th bomb group 93rd squadron and was stationed Guam in 1945. Thank you!

    • It looks like Kathy Weiss thought she could identify Gerald M Monahan in this photo of the B-29 “City of Sharon” with the Jagatich crew. Did anything come of that?

      B-29 City of Sharon full flight crew

      (It is often hard to identify men in WWII photos, particularly in group photos.)

      • Hi Rolland, thanks for this (Kathy is my mom, btw). I looked at the second photo of this crew that you posted and he’s definitely not in that photo – and then through your flickr photo album but again came up empty. Thank you again for responding!

      • Dave, there is a 19th BG Association on Facebook:

        Did you ever try to contact them? They use to have a website but appear to have moved to facebook. Looking at the dates of the posts it appears the site is not very active, but it might be worth a try.

        There is also a B-29 Facebook site associated with the B-29 museum at Pratt, Kansas. “www.facebook.com/b29museum/”
        They originally seemed to concentrate on the B-29 bomb groups that trained a Pratt but they may have some suggestions on where to search. (The 19th worked up at Great Bend KS).

      • Rolland, I can’t thank you enough for all the information. Happy new year to you and yours – Dave

  38. Looking for information on Paul Abraham, an American soldier who served in WWII in Germany. He had met my grandfather there, but after WWII they lost contact. I would like to know what happened to him.

  39. My grandfathers dog tags plus his medels were sold with his military stuff when his aunt died now hes gone an I’m trying to find his dog tags an medals my grandfather was a private in the early 60s his name is Howard H Hill

  40. Hello , short and sweet … I have an old watch w a serial number and a first and last name on it and would love to give it back . My father worked on Rail Road for 43 years and found it in a boxcar . I reminder looking at it as a kid and the last 10 years trying to look up the guy . I did find 3 guys by the name and two was on a ship navy of course but could not get any further . If know of a different way to find by serial # please help ,,, would love to give to him or family where it belongs…. ✌🏼

  41. I am looking for information on a man named George Williams who served in the Navy during World War II. My grandmother kept several pictures of him sent to her while he was in the service. I know one of the pictures is dated January 1945 and was taken somewhere in the Philippines. The two met and grew up in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas, but that is all i know.

    • What was your grandmother’s maiden name? Helena and West Helena only merged in 2006. In the 1940s in which town did you grandmother live?

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