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  • Looking for information on a family member or lost veteran?
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  1. Looking for info on my cousin, John Joseph Lennox who served in WWII probably in the Navy. Was from NY city. Later became NYC policeman.

  2. Looking for information on my Grandfather, Ernest Glenn Sutphin. He was in Normandy as part of the 237th Engineers as a Private First Class in the Army. Beyond that I know very little.

    • You may want to check with the register of deeds or county recorder in the county in which he lived when discharged. They may have a copy of it.

      • The Pennsylvania Bonus Application on ancestry.com indicates Walter J. Biichle entered the army on May 21, 1943 at Williamsport and was separated from service at the Fort Riley Hospital on November 6, 1943. He answered the question as to whether he had been on active service as “No”. His service number was 33509855.

        It looks like he may have been injured in training and released from service.

        80% of the WWII army records were destroyed in a fire in 1973 at the records facility in St. Louis.

  3. I am looking for the family of Warren Nord, 28th infantry. He was a dear friend of my grandfather and fellow escapee from a prison camp in Poland. I have something of his.
    Also, would love to find the family in Poland who assisted them, last name Kucharski.

    If anyone has photos they are looking for help identifying feel free to post on the 10th armored facebook page. I am the admin.


  4. Yes . Is about my family member he’s go to work ward ll and he beber combat to the country and my family never now what happen to him then never the government never notified what happened about him so my family member name is Gilberto Alvarez moralez I ha a some information when he go to Yokosuka Japan the info said like that Gilberto Alvarez moralez 1225701 PFE-070. End of Reel -079 MC SS and is other information I have for Gilberto Alvarez Moralez is this ti is said like that RANK PRIVATE FIRST CLASS STATION-2D-52 of CASCO H and son Mcrdop Pic is the inormatio my family have to now about this request how is can help us and my family member found him no matters is is Gilberto Alvarez moralez stay alive or dead only is I can tell you he nenes combat to my familia house after that and never recibiese any news or notice for. Him my uncle do the service in honor of the united state of America for this country and are now. Why after that no have consideration for the family member no matter how is combat to the home only my family then want now is give to him a sanctuary sepultured when his dead or his stay alive no matter how many tarar he have now only my family waiting for news about him thanks is you is found I’m or remove any option you have in yours hands please try the best a yours hand they can reach god my celestial father is glad you for ever in yours hearts thank for your coperation about my uncle my gah there is stay alive waiting for Gilberto Alvarez moralez toma phone number you can contact is 1-856-278-9236

  5. Located a WWII vet, Robert Boals, known as J. Robert Boals in WWII. He was in 784th AAA AA Bn with my late father. He is living in Ohio and has not received any kind of recognition. How do I remedy this?

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