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  1. Thanks for the valuable information provided for Douglas Beattie Jr. I located his nephew and arranged to meet with him over the holidays to return his uncle’s dog tag. I found it metal detecting years ago.
    Thanks for the great service! !

  2. We found a dog tag at Cerisy la Forêt (Normandy, France). The soldier’s name is Robert W Beyer, number 17111440 T42. The relative’s name is Edward Beyer, Norway, Iowa.
    Can you help us to find him or his family in order to give it back to him?
    Thank You.

  3. Looking for information on my Great Grandfather. Family stories and his obituary states he served in the US Army,Merrills Marauders in the Burma campaign. However, the little information I have listed him in the Marine Corps? One website for Marauders has his first name spelt wrong (we assume) and has him listed as follows:
    Aguila, Hernamdo I. #501653 Capt. Medical

    The enlistment date is: Nov 6 1942
    Release: July 3, 1945
    Born May 30, 1902
    Death Aug 20, 1977

    His name was: Fernando I. Aguila
    He was born in the Phillipines
    He was a doctor in Chicago at the time, so we all know he was in WW2 as a doctor. Just no information where, what branch etc..
    I do have a subscription to fold3, as well as full access to ancestry and have found nothing but enlistment and release date. Would love some more information for my father. Thank you so much!

  4. Seeking any information on my great uncle PVT Howard J Alfrey KIA Dec 27 508th PIR H Company buried in Henri Chapelle Belgium from Lincoln NE

  5. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. That include the following soldiers.
    Put. John Donaldson, Washington. DC.
    There men are listed as part of 84th Infiniti. Div. Co.C 335th Register.

    James R. WISE, 104 7the Ave. For two things Texas
    Listed with the 68th Tank Battery. 6th Armored Division.

    Robert Whitman,
    M. Co. 84th Division.

    Russell D. Ellerhof, Sperry Iowa
    9th Armored Div.

    I have many more and will continue listing. Please help me by locating either these great men or their families.

    • Name: Russell D. Ellerhoff; B: 1/1/1914 – 6/14/2002 – Sperry, IA
      The Hawkey, Burlington Iowa June 14, 2002
      Russell Dugan Ellerhoff, 88, of Sperry, died Friday June 14, 2002 at Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab Center in Stronghurst Illinois. Born Jan. 1, 1914 in Yarmouth, he was the son of John and Anna Dugan Ellerhoff. On March 2, 1946 He married Alice DeClerck in Milan Illinois. Mr. Ellerhoff worked in Rock Island for his Uncle, who owned Central Oil and Grease Co.He then moved to the family farm near Sperry in 1946 where farmed until 1995.
      He was a graduate of Sperry HIgh School. He ws a World War II Army Veteran and served as part of the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge with the 2nd Armored Division under General Patton’s command. He was a member of the Mediapolis American Legion for more than 50 years. He was a member of Des Moines County Farm Bureau and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Dodgeville.
      Survivors include his wife; two daughters, Kathleen Smith of Carman Ill., and Janet Ellerhoff of Sperry; one sister, Margaret Ellerhoff of Burlington; nieces and nephews.
      He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister.

  6. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. During WW2. The following soldiers are listed.

    Peter McCluskey, from PA. CHIEF Machine Gunner
    Samuel A Mac Intyre, Bridgeport PA. Gunner
    Elmo G. HOLLIS, Germantown PA, Ass. Gunner
    Men are listed as part of the 1st Army

    Pfc. Walter E. Wasikowska, 39 E. Longfellow Dr. Homestead PA.
    Sgt. Edgar J. Cameron, Ga
    Tank Com. Paul F. Sprue lloranger@cffc.com, Texas

  7. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. From WW2. The following soldiers are listed.

    Pvt. Victor Bandini, Phil. PA
    James Geer, Charlotte NC
    Dominic Charleston, Louis ton Maine
    Men are listed as part of Co. A 2ND Armored Division.

    *** Update on this photo. I was able to locate James Geer. He is very much alive and I have sent him the photo of him on his Sherman Tank in Belgium.

  8. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. From WW2. The following soldiers are listed.

    Pfc. James T. Hope, Jakes Boro Tenn
    2nd Armored Div. 3rd Army

    T/5 Leon Mayer, Port Arthur Texas
    65th Infiniti. DIV 3rd Army

    Pvt. Harold J. Griffith, Jefferson GA.
    Co. B 51st 84th Inf.DIV

    Pvt. Francis Beinlich, Phil PA
    84th Field Artillary

    Col. Frank Dunkel, Lawrence Kansas

    T/5 Elmo B. Cruise, Stuarts Draft Va
    Bright. Gen. Issac D. White
    2nd Armored Div. 9th Army
    Commander 2nd Army DIV.

    Major James Hollingsworth, Woodlawn Ranch Sanger Texas
    2nd Armored Div

  9. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. From WW2. The following soldiers are listed.

    Pvt. Daniel J Curren, Wilmerding Pa
    2nd Armored Div. 9th Army

    Pvt. Herold Richardson, Canton Ohio
    Pvt. John Cena. White, Heflin Alabama
    Mortar Team 84th Div.

    1st. LT. Victor R. Corpron, LA Grange I’ll.
    2nd Armored Div

    Cpl. Herbert B. Bradford, Castalia Ohio
    2nd Lt. Edward N. Staedtler, Phil PA
    Pvt. LEROY E. Skidmore, Frostburg MD.

    Herman E. Mertens, Phil. PA
    260th Inf. Reg. 65th Div

    Pfc. Francis J. Gilynn, Brookland NY
    Artillary 3rd Army

  10. I have photos from the 167th Signal Corp. From WW2. The following soldiers are listed

    Pfc. Seymour Lewis, Carteret NJ

    Pfc. John Cena. Magus, San Joaquin Stockton California.
    65th Infiniti. DIV. 3rd Army

  11. I’m looking for any info on my maternal grandfather Leonard Merle Jones. Born and raised in Indianapolis, enlisted in the US Navy in WW2. I have his service number.

    • Leonard Merle Jones, 626-07-51, enlisted on December 16, 1941 in Indianapolis.

      On Nov 14, 1943 he is on the Bogue, ACV-9. He appears on the Muster Log for the Bogue several times in 1944.


      On December 24, 1944 he is transferred to the Amphibious Training Base at Little Creek Va,

      On 18 March, 1945 he appears on the Muster Log of LST 1106.

      On May 26, 1948 it appears he was transferred to Great Lakes, Il, and there to be put on inactive duty.

      You may be able to find more on fold3.com as there appears to be some gaps in the record.

  12. I’m trying to find information to find information on my grandpa Walter John Judy. He served in WW2 and was from Michigan. He has passed away.

  13. While visiting englewood Fl, we were eating at the Lock and Key tonight. We have two of our grandchildren and two of their friends with us. One of them noticed a man with a hat on that said “pearl Harbor Survivor” they all four went to his table and thanked him for his service. The two boys later asked our waitress for his check. All 4 kids paid for his and his friends dinner. He came to our table and thanked us and took a picture with us all. We thought he said his name was John Sealey, (see ly). Just so honored and proud of our grandchildren and wanted to know if there is any info on him.
    Thank you!
    Janice Deaton

  14. Hello, we live in France. My husband’s grand father bought a WWII Ambulance Dodge in 1946 (?) from Mourmelon le Grand (the Americans called the military base there Baltimore). The steering wheel is ingraved with the name “Evork”, according to what I researched the drivers would ingrave their names. That’s all the information we have but it’s such a piece of history and folklore for us and our village… the liberation is still something the youngest at the time still speak of.. any advice on finding Mr Evork or his family? Le Dodge (as we call it) still runs and has been hauling grapes and grape pickers for the last 60 + years… an ok retirement!
    All the best,

    • No enlistment record for EVORK, but I did find an enlistment record for Edward L Vork, who was from Ohio. Does it appear the “E” is spaced away from the VORK on the steering wheel?


      He died in 1981. (Name on findagrave is incorrect as Edward I Vork, when you enlarge the grave photo you can see it is Edward L Vork.)


      His obit does not say anything about his time in service, but does mention some relatives.

    • Since my original post still seems to be awaiting moderation after three days, I will give an answer without any links.

      There is no enlistment record for EVORK, but I did find an enlistment record for Edward L Vork, who was from Ohio. Does it appear the “E” is spaced away from the VORK on the steering wheel, or possible a period after the E?

      Edward Vork died in 1981 and can be found on find-a grave.
      While Edward was born in 1914, his wife, Barbara, was born in 1940 and died in 1997. His obit does not say anything about his time in service, but does mention two children, Brian and Lori.

      It is possible to locate a Brian E Vork living in Florida with prior address in Columbus, Ohio and also a Lori A (Vork) Archer living in VA. These two are late 40’s to early 50’s in age, but seem to be “possibilities” for his children if you wanted to try to follow up.

  15. Looking for a James Feucha (or Feucho) from New York that served in WWII with my father, Eusebio A. Recchie. My father just turned 98 and this was the one person he fondly remembered. Would like to locate him or his family. My father said James served time in Ossining’s Sing Sing Prison. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

  16. Seeking information on my grandfather William Riley Gibbs born 9/1/1914 Sidnaw Michigan and passed away 8/7/1986 Grand Haven Michigan – . I did not know until recently he served during WW2. Enlistment date 5/11/1945, release date 12/30/1946, his branch was Army. Any information about him would be much appreciated.

  17. Seeking information on my grandfather William riley Gibbs born 9/1/1914. Device dates are 5/11/1945, released 12/30/1946. Just recently found out he was on the service. He was Army, born Sidnaw Michigan

  18. Trying to help a friend to find his grandfather’s service info and ship(s) he served aboard in the pacific. His destroyer (unknown) was present in the area of one of the atomic bombs drops and close enough to feel the heat.
    DATE OF BIRTH: 04/15/1925
    DATE OF DEATH: 06/28/2003
    Thank you!
    MHH – USN HT2 ’72-’77

    • Can he provide his dates of service or his service number, or even place of enlistment? He may be listed as Robert E. Smith in the Navy Muster Roll Records, rather than Robert Ellis Smith. Or he might be listed as Robert Ellis Smith in one record, but listed as Robert E. Smith in another. There are a LOT of Robert E. Smiths in the WWII Navy Muster Roll Records, so more info would be helpful. I did find one that could be him. Robert Ellis Smith who was aboard the ARD-15 (floating dry dock)There wasn’t a huge amount of info on the ARD-15.It’s mentioned here under Eniwetok, though https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Service_Squadron

      Robert Ellis Smith
      Service # 565-04-15
      Enlisted Feb. 1943 in Los Angeles, CA

      If you’re friend can confirm that’s his grandfather, I can search and compare the service number and might be able to find more ships he served on. If that’s NOT him, then I’d have no way of confirming that the Robert E. Smith’s I find are your friend’s grandfather without more information. Navy Muster Roll records often list the date of enlistment and place of enlistment, and always list the service number. So, if you can provide a bit more information, I’ll have a better basis for the search. Service # would be especially helpful.

    • I found a lot of records for Robert E. Stump Jr. and Robert Ellis Stump Jr. I’m going to go through them now and get a timeline of what ships he was on and when, etc. (I’m relieved his surname was not actually Smith!) please send me an email and I’ll send you what I’ve found.
      dogtag73 (“at” symbol) gmail.com

      • I found out that he was on two ships and I’ve created a Word Doc for you with all the info and several photos of the ship he was on the longest, the LSM-392, so I’ll email it to you when you contact me. (I don’t charge money for helping people with research, by the way!)

      • Francesca, I am not sure if you were responding to a post I made or someone else but it ended up in my mail. Could you give me the name of the person you found and I will let you know if it is who I was looking for please. Thank you

      • Hi Jan, I was responding to Milt’s post on his search for the Navy ships that Robert Ellis Stump served on. If you are subscribed to comments, I think you see all the comments that come in, not just ones that you’ve posted? Who were you looking for more information on?

      • Thank you Franscesca. On a recent trip to Englewood Fl area, my husband and grandkids were eating at the Lock and Key. One noticed an elderly man with his hat on that said WWll veteran. My husband is a Viet Nam Vet so our kids know what it means to say “thank you for your service” and welcome home. So they each went over to him and said that. After returning our two oldest grandsons decided to pay for his meal. Later he came to thank us and said he was one of very few survivors of Pearl Harbor. It was a little hard to hear him but he took a Pic with us and my husband thought he said his name was John Sealey (seeley) not really sure. We knew it was a long shot and maybe we didn’t even hear the name correctly. He was just happy to talk with us and share a little of the history never mentioned a ship. So we were just trying to see if there was such a person with that name.
        Thank you!

      • Nice! I’ve done this too and it’s great! Sometimes they catch me, or the waiter gives up the info. but that’s ok. 🙂
        I’m in a Navy town so I catch them at Starbucks and such places. Can’t do it as much as I could when I was working though. 😦
        There aren’t many PH survivors around any more. There are a few around here.
        My ship was directly across from the memorial so I saw it a lot and have been ‘aboard’ her so many times I don’t recall how many. I’ve been there on visits since.

      • Hi Janice,
        That’s a wonderful story. Without having the actual spelling of his name, it would be hard to find him with any certainty. Maybe he frequents the restaurant where you met him? It might be worth a return visit to ask the staff if they can put you in touch with him. Here’s another story you might find interesting. Mr. Sealey/Seeley, (if in the Army), may have been in the 25th Infantry Division “Tropic Lightning”. Very few of the men in the 25th I.D. who were at Pearl Harbor are still living, so maybe that was what he was referring to? http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20151206/englewood-veteran-last-of-men-stationed-at-pearl-harbor-barracks

      • Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank You!!!! That is the man!!! My husband and grandkids will be thrilled!!!!! Thank you for your service as well!!! On my bucket list is Pearl Harbor!

      • I am so sorry I did not see the response from Rolland. My sincere apologies!!!! Would not offend anyone for anything! Thank you both! This means a lot to us!

      • Roland had found the same article I found, only he’d found it back in December! (Good research, Roland!) Sorry, Roland, I didn’t see your reply until after I’d sent mine. I didn’t recall Mr. Seelie’s name when I sent the link just a minute ago, so didn’t make the connection! I’d just come across the article yesterday and was fascinated by it, because my uncle was in the same I.D.. my uncle’s regiment had been attached to the 25th after Pearl Harbor, so he saw the aftermath, but wasn’t present for the actual bombing. Looks like you’ve found the man you’re looking for! Just like Mr. Seelie, a stroke of fate also saved my uncle from the Bataan Death March. My uncle’s regiment was on their way to the 1st invasion of the Philippines when Pearl Harbor was bombed, so their orders were changed and they were sent to help with clean up and shore defense at Pearl Harbor, which is how they ended up being attached to the 25th for the duration of the war. Mr. Seelie was fighting on Guadalcanal at the same time my uncle was. I wonder if they knew one another?

      • Just amazed at how small our world really is! Again, my apologies for not seeing the other post from Roland. We own a home in Englewood but live in Ohio most of the time. I bet we will see him again now that we know he is actually in the town we live there in!
        Thanks again to both of you!

      • Janice, I am curious about your post to Francesca regarding the Pearl Harbor vet. I answered your question on the day you posted it (December 30, 2016) and gave a link to a newspaper story about John Seelie. If you scroll up to where you can view your original post on December 30, are you unable to see my reply?

  19. The Kingsport Tennessee Times of January 20, 1944 has a list of men about to go into the navy.
    One of them is Robert Ellis Stump, Jr. Might that be him?

    There are navy records for a Robert Ellis Stump, Jr, service number 6401770. One set shows him several times on the muster roll of LSM 392 starting in June, 1945.

    • Hi! Thanks! That will all be interesting to my friend. May be Robert’s son turning old enough.
      I just got his # But it looks like a SS #. Is there a secure way to get that to you or is it a non issue after all this time?

      • I think Francesca is going to provide you with the info on Robert. (Robert’s SS# number is now part of the public record and can be easily found, it ends in 8204, right.)

        If Robert’s son is going to request his father’s service records, he would need both his service number and his SS#.

      • No. This is what I was given 556351756. Looks like an SS#.
        My understanding is that some have service numbers, some have SS numbers and some have both. Is that correct?
        I’ll ask about a service #.
        Thank you!

      • MHH, I prepared a Word Doc with a lot of photos. Maybe you missed my post? I need you to email me since I can’t upload the Word Doc here. I’m pretty sure I found his records. I can’t post my email address properly here or the spam bots will get it and I’ll be inundated. my email address is dogtag73
        After that, you need to enter @gmail.com (no spaces between dogtag73 and @ symbol) I’ll email you the Word Doc as soon as I hear from you. Thank you for your service.

  20. I am searching for my paternal grandfather. Franklin Michael. I believe he was in the Army WWII. I can only remember stories of Germany in winter, and not to wear jeans to bed when its cold. He lived in Front Royal VA and in Florida when I was a child, I think, and he may have passed in 2007. I’m sorry I don’t have much information. Thank You so much.

    • Hi. I’d love to be able to help (free of charge) I have a few questions, though, so if you can email me at dogtag73

      @gmail.com (no spaces between dogtag73 and @gmail.com) I found one possibility, but I’d like to run it by you to see if any of the locations he lived and his age range sound familiar.

  21. Hi, I’m looking for my grandfather: William “Bill” (some called him bullet bill, but I dunno if that’s his callsign or would be anywhere on record) McDonald. Birthplace and residence was Jackson, Ohio. The main problem is…he was born March, 1927, and spent his 18th birthday in a foxhole in Iwo Jima (or so I’ve been told). What I do know for sure is; he registered underage-aka, lied about it-and in 99% sure he served with the Marines. Aside from this, all I know is that he didn’t stay in the service long after the war ended. I apologize for all the vagueness and lack of information…however, if anyone could somehow find any record of him, it would make my family and me happy beyond belief. Thank you so much.

  22. Hi.I’m not really sure where to look but my husband hasn’t ever met his grandpa.our son would love too meet him or see pics.his name is rudolpho Martinez and his birthday is may of either 1938/1939 I believe.he served in the air force appx around 1957.please help

  23. Hello, I am looking for information on my grandfather, Antonio Sapone, I do not have much information about him other than he lived in Pittsburgh, PA and died at the Veterans Hospital in Tupper Lake, NY.

  24. Looking for information about Frank Merrit who served with US forces in Australia October/November 1944 during WW2. He is of African American heritage. He fathered a daughter and she is looking to learn about her birth father’s family for genealogical purposes. Lyn has been unable to find any information about her father as the service records were destroyed in a fire 12th July 1973.

    Does anyone have any ideas how to locate any information as there are probably many Frank Merrits’ but this one served in Australia during WW2. He may have died during the invasion of the Solomon Islands or New Guinea.

  25. Found a tag on the fore shore of Omaha Beach (France). Details: James Lynn or Lynn James; 657 17 90; T 3 44; USNR. There are other marks but not clear.

    • Oh my gosh. 😦
      I’m sure I would’ve been inconsolable for quite some time finding that. 😦
      For many, many years now I have not been able to watch that famous film of that lone soldier falling in that area. 😦
      I hope the tag gets to where it should be.
      If no luck with that 😦 perhaps a nearby museum/monument/cemetery. At least we know he and it will get the reverence it should.

      • Mr. Snowdon, I believe the tag you mentioned belonged to my Father’s 1st cousin Jim Lynn. I am checking with my Mom to find his immediate family. He does have children and the last we knew they were in Florida. I will try to locate one of them and put them in touch with you. If you need to reach me please email me at jlmedley@davjud.us. Thank you, Judy Lynn Medley

      • How can I find out or where can 1 go to find/get info on aWW2 veteran. US Army G.I. 99th ID, 395th. Dec 1943 thru Oct 1945? Am a bit lost of the how to do’s n where 2 goes?

    • His full name was James Eddleman Lynn, 657-17-90. He was not killed on D-day, as he is on the muster log in a “Beach Party” of the USS Meriwether, APA-203 as of December 31, 1944.

      You can find information about the USS Meriwether APA-203 on wikipedia. Just enter the name in Google.

      • James died in 1990 in Florida. Search for James E Lynn on findagrave. He is buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens North, Pompano Beach, FL

      • One odd thing, he is on the muster log of the USS Custer, APA-40 in 1943 and the USS Meriwether APA-203 in 1944. Both of those ships seem to have operated in the Pacific, so a bit of a mystery how his dog tag ended up on Omaha Beach.

      • Hello Rolland. Many thanks for the information relating to James E Lynn. It is strange but maybe he and/or his family visited Omaha Beach to remember the many Americans lost there. Who knows. Are there any family still alive? Richard

  26. Hello, I’m tring to find anyone who served in 3rd Battalion, 179th Infantry Regiment, 45th ID during WW2. My uncle Oswel Crews was a Pvt in M Company and was wounded on 13 SEPT 1943 and died from his wounds on 17 SEPT 1943 During the landings at Salerno, Italy.

  27. A friend of mine found an entire uniform with medal and dog tags for an Anthony J Cerciello while they were antiquing. Her hubby is a marine so they are trying to locate next of kin to alert them if they want it. The did find that this fine American died in 2007.

  28. Hello, My father is a WW II Vet. Still living. I’m looking for any information on his service. His mind has gone back to those days now as often happens. I have his discharge papers but that’s it. He received many medals while serving. Is there a way I can look up any information by his service number or social? He is nearing the end and I want to pass along to the grandchildren any information I can about this hero. Thanks in advance for ANY help you can give.

  29. Hi, trying to find info on my Dad, Gerald Monahan, was in Guam 44/45 with the 19th Bombardment Group, 20th Air Force. Trained in Kansas.and was also in Pyote TX. We know he flew in B29, think he was the bombardier, told us he flew bombing raids over Japan, from Allentown PA. Would love to find plane/crew. Thanks for any help.

    • My dad is still alive. He is from Oneida, NY. He trained in Hondo Texss, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Larado, TX. He is a retired major. He was an aerial gunner, navigator, and aviation cadet. My dad also flew B29. I have a couple of pictures, but except for my dad, I do not know other people in the picture

      • Hello, thanks so much for your reply. I have one picture with 4 guys, none with their plane I will try to post. I’ve sent for info from Veteran’s Archives too. Will let you know what I get. Do you know if your Dad was in Guam? Thanks again, Kathy

      • Hi Katherine, was your Dad in Guam? I have a picture of Dad with 3 of his buddies will try to post here. I sent request to National Archives and found him on the site for the 19th Bombardment Group too, getting closer. There is a great site, the 314th Bomb group on Flickr with pictures of B29′ crews, a lot with names. Best Wishes Kathy

      • Hi Kathy, no my dad was not in Guam. He was in Germany or Turkey I believe. I do not think this site lets us send pictures. We do have several pics of my dad, they are at my brothers house in NY and I am down in NC, but I do have a couple of pics here.

  30. I’m searching for a picture of Paul Orville Drake. He served in the Navy (1943-44). The carrier he was on was CVE-78 (Savo Island). His internment was in 1955 at the Ft McPherson National Cemetery. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me locate a picture!

    • Any suggestions on where I might continue my search for a photo of Paul Orville Drake? We are searching for a photo so that can compare it to another photo we have to confirm that the one we have is an image of my grandfather (my mom’s father, who she never met because he passed away when she was 6mths old).

  31. Hi, trying to find information on my great uncle William H Crawford. He was a B-17 pilot with the eighth army air force, 457th bomb group, 748th bomber squadron out of Glatton England. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • I may be able to find his Army enlistment contract for you, but it would be helpful to know where he was living when he enlisted, and when and where he was born. If you also know when and where he died, that information would also be helpful.

      • Thanks so much for the info. I am gathering info on where he enlisted and when and where he died. Once again Thanks, that website is amazing!!!

      • You’re welcome. Once you know the years he was in the service, that will allow you to figure out where he probably was. I hope I can help you figure that out once you are able to tell me a little more about him, and then the association can help you with further info.

  32. Hello, I’m searching for info on my grandfather and great grandfather. Nvr got to meet them so I’m searching as much as I can for my brother and myself….my grandfather’s name is Homer Harold Everhart. Born. Mar 21 1922, ranked PFC E-2…enlisted dec 30, 1941 discharged July 11 1945…I was told he was put in a V.A hospital for shell shock caused from the war…My great grandfather I heard he. Was in ww2 also but don’t know much about him either…his name is Robert L. Everhart Sr he might have been born on 5/10/1893….they are from Baltimore, MD I believe..if there name sounds familiar or anything plz let me know. Any information would be appreciated from my brother and myself

    • I found Homer Harold’s obituary in the February 4, 1958 “Daily Mail” from Hagerstown MD. The first few lines read:

      “Pfc Homer H Everhart”
      “Pfc Homer Harold Everhart formerly of Berkeley Springs, W Va, died at the Newton D Baker Veterans Administration Hospital Sunday at 6:15 p.m. following a lengthy illness, aged 36 years.”

      “He was a veteran of the Second World War serving with the First Marine Division of the Third Casualty Company on Guadalcanal.”

      The obit goes on to list a lot of family members, including children Shirley, Butch and Joyce.

      There is a findagrave listing for him if you search on his full name.

  33. Hi, i found a Nazi flag signed by nearly 100 vets. (Their hometowns were listed, with their signed names so I was able to corroborate the relevance of the websites listed below.)
    Trying to figure out the name of their battalion, and what-if any- the flag signified.
    Below are a few obituaries that i found.
    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    Phil Juskowicz



    • Interesting project. I notice the first name you mention, Joseph D Fitzgerald says he served under General Collins. This is possibly Gen J Lawton Collins, who was the commander of VII corps. You can look up VII Corps in wikipedia. Looking at all the units in VII corps, e.g. 4th Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne, 101st Airborne division, etc. I think it odd to say he served under Collins unless he was actually in the headquarters unit. Otherwise I would think he would give the division he served in rather than the name of the corps commander. Several of the other names you give seem to have been older men, which also might suggest more of a staff job than a combat unit.

      It might be necessary to track down a few more of the 100 names. You could pick some of the more unusual ones and maybe some of us here could help. Hopefully, the obits of some of them will give more information to help solve this.

      • I am working on a similar project. Check out the Facebook page: The Names on The Flag. 189 names on this flag of mine and I have contacted over 165 families so far and 11 men are alive.
        Really a cool project for you.

  34. I’m working on getting some information on my grandfathers WW2 service and bronze star. He’s long passed and unfortunately my father and his family have a piecemeal story. Is there a way to search what the BSM was issued for? I’m looking to put together a nice setup with whatever my aunts and uncles didn’t throw away (don’t get me started), with his service medals, BSM, tags and some pictures. I would love to have the true story to go with it. Any help in my search would be appreciated.

  35. Hello, I’m looking for anyone that knew my father and could share some of his story during WWll.. His name was Michael Jennettemail he was enlisted on july 22, 1943 at Fort Devens, Massachusetts. He was a private and lived in Worcester, Massachusetts. He did serve in Europe. All of his records were burned in the 1973 fire. Thank you for anything you could possibly shareally.

  36. Hi i’m new on this forum, my brother founded a US WW2 helmed in Lanzerath Belgium and iside the shel stands a number 2420 in red and inside the metal helmet looks like a letter C in white paint. we now the the I&R 394 th Reg. 99 th Infantery Division had a heavy fight on december 16 1944. My brother will find the owner of this helmet and give it back to him or his family. when you need the foto of the helmed or info you can send it to on3ea@live.be Thanks.

    • Interesting find. The story of this battle can be found in many books. Here is the wiki write-up. Note some of the names shown are not quite correct.


      The helmet of Tsakanikas was found a while ago, that story is here:

      Note that typically the men would mark items with the initial of their last name and then the last four digits of their serial number. This was also used as a laundry mark, so Tsakanikas helmet was marked T-9694. I looked up the full serial numbers of the 16 of the 18 men in the platoon. Adams number is “close” at 35592440 and Dustman is “close” at 35524202. I could not find Robinson’s serial number (or Tsakanikas’ full number).

      When the men received their awards in 1981, many newspapers had the story.



      First Lt. Lyle J. Bouck Jr. (DSC) † St Louis, MO O1291400
      Tech. Sgt. William L. Slape (DSC) Shreveport, LA 38271657
      Pfc. William James Tsakanikas (DSC) Chester, NY T-9694 (“Laundry” Mark in Helmet).
      Pfc. Risto “Milo” Milosevich (DSC) El Toro, CA 39560340
      Pvt. Robert D. Adams (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Akron, OH 35592440
      Pvt. Robert J Baasch (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Clarksburg, WV 35765512
      Sgt. William D. Dustman (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Albany, OR 35524202
      Pvt. Clifford R. Fansher Enid, OK (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) 38565566
      T/3 James Fort (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) 34496596
      Cpl. Samuel L. Jenkins (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) El Paso, TX 38440166
      Pvt. Joseph A. McConnell (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Tempe, AZ 3347176
      Cpl. Robert H. “Mop” Preston (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Silver Springs, MD 33450881
      Sgt. George H. “Pappy” Redmond (Bronze Star Medal with V device for heroism) Greensboro, NC 33528584
      Pvt. John B. Creger (Silver Star) Richmond, VA 33526654
      Pvt. Louis J. Kalil (Silver Star) Mishawaka, IN 35348480
      Cpl. Aubrey P. “Schnoz” McGehee, Jr (Silver Star) McComb, MS 18027122
      Pfc. Jordan H. “Pop” Robinson (Silver Star) (Blaine TN) (Serial number not found).
      Pvt. James R. “Sil” Silvola (Silver Star) Ocala, FL 37564777

      Following were in the I & R Platoon not directly involved in the actual battle:
      PFC Carlos A. Fernandez (Presidential Unit Citation) El Paso, TX
      PFC John P. Frankovitch (Presidential Unit Citation) Cleveland, OH
      T/5 Robert L. Lambert (Presidential Unit Citation) Irvine, CA 39560589 or 19131807 or ?
      Pvt. Vernon G. Leopold (Presidential Unit Citation) Huntington Woods, MI
      PFC Elmer J. Nowacki (Presidential Unit Citation) Cleveland, OH 15354362
      Pvt. Samuel J. Oakley (Presidential Unit Citation) Danville, VA

      • Another website that can help in this, since it does have the ability to search via Laundry Marks is here: http://wwii-enlistment.com/search/

        Just using it to search on Laundry Mark T-9694 gives 29 hits, including William J Tsakanikas whose full number turns out to be 12219694.

        Since from your post you do not have the beginning letter of the “Laundry Mark”, you may want to try a search on C-2420, but that gives 68 hits. Whether any of those men were in the area where you found the helmet would take much more research and you really don’t know if the starting “C” is even correct.

      • Just to correct a couple of errors in the postings, McConnell’s serial number is 33471765, (the last 5 was missing above). Also I think Robinson’s name was Jordon Madison Robinson and he had serial number 15394562. His name appears variously as “Jordon” or “Jordan” and the middle initial as “M” or “H”, causing confusion.
        I think this is his grave.

    • man I would love to get a bit of info on my dad’s WW2 service in England (1943) then France and Germany (1944-1945). Served in 99th id, 395th (? battalion – company) was in Battle of the Bulge, Elsenborn Ridge and more. I have 1 V-Mail from him to his mom, dated Dec. 31, 1943 (has a USarmy censor stamp on it) He 1st spent 3+ months in 35th Cheml. co, then was a regular GI from what i see. He only talked bout war 2 times – when with uncle who was in the company/squad as him, Wayne Laflower. I have a few items – one being Bronze Star with ribbon(s), name on back for heroic or meritorious achievement. Love this site!!!!

  37. Looking for anyone that might have known a Cyril Eustice from the UK, he was a Royal Engineer 6X regiment attached to a Canadian regiment, served around 1942 to 1946, was stationed in Europe. I have no real details but would like to know a bit more about him. I’ll be apply for his records from the MOD. Anything would help… Many Thanks

  38. Looking for anyone who may know my grandfather or had family who served with him. His name is Frank James Fralin and served in Company F, 318th Infantry 80th Division. He was a Staff Sergeant.

  39. Looking for information about a family member that served in World War 2. Only for a year and a half. Fighting squadron eighteenth able. He got in January 2nd 1946 and got out October 31st 1948

  40. SEARCHING FOR FAMILY OF KIA WWII on 10/10/1943 B-17F 4230446 99BG 348BS
    T/SGT Richard A. CLEAVER
    S/SGT Richard L. MYERS
    *S/Sgt Francis C. Adams (WIA)

    On a cold gray day at 11am on January 27, 1950 funeral services with full military honors were held at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Kentucky for the following six crew members of B17F 4230446:

    T/Sgt Richard A. Cleaver, Engineer We continue our efforts to contact his family.
    2nd Lt. Morton M. Hantman, Navigator We are in contact with his family.
    T/Sgt William B. Hill Radio Operator We are in contact with his family.
    S/Sgt Richard L. Myers, Tail Gunner We continue our efforts to contact his family
    1st Lt. John C. Staffo, Bombardier We are in contact with his family.
    *S/Sgt Jack G. Stankus, Waist Gunner Was buried in the US Veterans Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy We are in contact with his family.
    S/Sgt Harold E. Wehby, Ball Turret Gunner We are in contact with his family.

    T/Sgt Curtis W. Hinkle, Waist Gunner was buried at Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas We are in contact with his family

    F/O (Lt.) George W. Rohrer, CoPilot survived the war and resided in Reno Nevada with his wife Doris. We first contacted George on 10/16/2001 and he provided us with much of the above information about what happened on 10/10/1943. He passed away peacefully on 11/03/2011 before we had his notarized affidavit necessary to nominate Lt Gilmor for the Distinguished Service Cross in sacrificing his life for his wounded crew.

    NOTE: *S/Sgt Francis C. Adams, who was seriously wounded on August 25th, 1943 (and replaced by Hinkle), survived the war and passed away on February 14, 1987. We continue our efforts to contact his family.
    Two Officers who were initially with this crew during training prior to combat were:
    2nd Lt. Robert H. MORRISON (O-742006) Co-Pilot;
    2nd Lt. Tower M. MIMES (O-744068) Navigator
    We continue our efforts to contact their families.

    **Lt. Samuel R. Gilmor, Pilot was buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California
    NOTE: ** The information we have uncovered in our research over 60 years later leads us to believe that the body buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery is actually that of the Navigator Lt. Hantman as a photo found on the body floating in the Gulf of Corinth and buried on Ambelos Island was the Wedding photo of Mrs. Kittie Hantman. There is other evidence, witness statements, and facts that support Lt. Gilmor stayed with the aircraft trying an emergency landing in attempt to save the four seriously wounded aboard who could not parachute out, and was killed at the crash site in Panareti, Greece. His body may have been mistaken for other crew members and unidentifiable or misidentified due to the impact of the crash and the fire which followed. We are in contact with the family of Lt. Gilmor and efforts are underway to formally recognize the extraordinary courage and sacrifice made by Lt Gilmor in the attempt while under continuous enemy fighter attack to save the lives of his seriously wounded crew members by staying with the aircraft to attempt the emergency landing.


    Of 65 enemy aircraft on the ground at the Tatoi Aerodrome, 21 were destroyed, 8 damaged, and the landing strip, hangars and other installation facilities were heavily damaged. Four enemy aircraft were shot down, and one B-17, “Her Majesty” 4230446 would be lost.


    Almost sixty years later a review of the Luftwaffe records of claims would identify only three German pilots from JG-27 for an attack on a B-17 on October 10, 1943 at this location, and at about this time from 12:04 until 12:59 PM at an altitude of about 15 19000 feet. The three were: Oblt. Alfred Burk with 28 victory claims who would be killed in action a few weeks later on October 31, 1943; Oblt. Jost Schlang who would be killed in action on January 4, 1944; and Obst Lt. Gustav Rodel who survived the war with 98 victory claims and flew over 980 missions. He would go on to be a General in the post war West German Luftwaffe. NOTE: On October 10, 1943 the Commander of IV. Group, JG -27 Oberleutnant Boesler is killed in action and his successor was Oberleutnant Burk. The death of Boesler may have been by the crew of 446 and it may help explain why one of these aircraft came back to strafe in their parachutes the men of 446 who bailed out.


    This profile was prepared by Gary T. Staffo the nephew of Lt. John C. Staffo based upon various reference materials, personal interviews, and extensive research from many other sources. We welcome any and all additional information others may be able to provide and would be glad to answer any questions and share our research. Please contact Gary T. Staffo by e-mail at: Gary.Staffo@hq.doe.gov or by mail at 6226 Garden Road, Springfield, VA 22152-1504.

      • Rolland,
        Thank you, as it these type of actions which help others to find closure and understanding of the complexities of War and the emotional price many families, friends, and veterans have paid to preserve our freedom. I hope that I may pay this forward by offering my services as the 2nd Vice President for the 99th Bomb Group Historical Society (BGHS) in helping any family, friends, and Veterans with any WWII questions or research they may have. The 99th BGHS has about 500 members and more information can be found at our website http://www.99bombgroup.org or I may be contacted directly at gary.staffo@hq.doe.gov. The 99th BG was comprised of the 346th BS, 347th BS, 348th BS, and the 416th BS. They flew 395 combat missions from March 31, 1943 until April 26, 1945 in the Mediterranean Theater out of bases in North Africa and Italy.
        My personal family WWII historical research and volunteer efforts also includes the 24th Infantry Division, 21st Infantry Regiment, HQ Canon Company, for my Dad Nicholas J. Staffo, and the B-26 Washington Area Marauder Men (WAMM) for my Uncle Angelo Staffo, 9th AF, 386th BG, 554th BS a B-26 Tail gunner shot down over Rouen France on 05/31/1944, evaded capture, fought with the Resistance, and was freed by the advancing Scottish tank forces several months later. Best wishes to all in their research efforts. Gary T. Staffo

      • Gary, you have probably seen these escape and evasion reports, one for your uncle and the other two for men in his crew, but some readers may have not seen such reports before. They can be read on-line or downloaded.


        The MACR (Missing Aircrew Report) for your uncles plane, B-26 41-31763, starts on page:

        While fold3 is a paid site, they once or twice a year have free access (usually around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day).

  41. Looking for information for a friend trying to find a veteran. The only information he has is the service member’s name was Terry Gillougley, DOB April, 12, 1956. He served in Germany in 1984 possibly at Hanau. If you have any information, it would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at cjaimes120@gmail.com as well. Thank you so much!!

  42. FOUND! He lives on a street corner, sweeps in front of the 2 shops for what he can get, and I believe, yeah, is homeless. Early 1970’s army vet in Pine Hills, Florida (Orlando, FL) Name: Percy Leon Williams, age, maybe mid to late 70’s. Says he was a corporeal, they took his appendix, his got frostbite as well. Military tells him both his bases had a fire, “NO RECORD OF HIM”. The government needs to repay this man for his service and “FIND HIS RECORD”!!! CONTACT ME ASAP PLEASE, IF YOU CAN HELP. Laurielprice@gmail.com

  43. I am looking for RR Linehan who was in the Navy during WWII, I have a picture of him, his sailor hat. The picutre was in with a baby picture so I think it is his child. Just wanting to get this to his family. I believe he knew my dad “Wm A Wheeler” in order for my dad to have this information and childs picture.Can post picture if it can help. thank you. Have a bless day.

  44. I saw what I believed was my brothers name Willis BENNETT GROSVENOR/GOSVENOR
    born 1921. But, I cannot find his name again

    He married a girl with the last name of Parrish
    My brothers was in WW 2
    U.S. Army/Air Corps
    Highly decorated

  45. Upon a recent visit to a thrift store, my family found a 1930’s vintage US Navy memory book belonging to Vivian S. Anderson. It is filled with poetry, pictures and memorabilia from his time in the navy. We bought it with the intention of returning the heirloom to its family. The gentleman served on the Pennsylvania. Any help would be appreciated.

  46. Sadly I did not get to meet my Grandfather on my Dad’s side. He was in the US Navy and fought in WW2. It would be wonderful to find out any information possible. His name is Norwood Connell Chestnutt born in 1923 to 1984(2 years before I was born).

    • Norwood Connell Chestnutt, serial number 2628998, USN
      He was AMM3c (Aviation Machinist’s Mate, Third Class)

      He shows up listed as a member of VPB-201 (Patrol Bomber Squadron 201) in 1945. I am not sure how long he was assigned to that unit.

      A little unit history here:

      He also shows up several times on ships on their sailing lists as a passenger, possibly moving with VPB-201 between stations, in 1944 and 1945.
      Sometime these ships may be seaplane tender ships, such as the USS Albemarle, where his name also shows up.


      • Rolland Swank, that is the best news to end the day with! ! ! Thank you so so so much, it means the world to me!!! I really appreciate this information, thank you again!!!

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