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  1. I have a journal written by Philip E. Turner.
    WWII vet from Bedford Ma originally. I am looking to find descendants. This is a book about his life history as well as his vollege notes.

  2. I’m doing a school project. May I have your assistance to obtain some historical information on the 42nd rainbow division. Specifically my great grandfather, Carl Francis Cooper, who was in the rainbow division. I know he was awarded 2 bronze stars for Meritorous Unit award and and a European Africa Middle Eastern Campaign medal WWII victory ribbon. His Army Serial number was 35 241 263. Listed under battles and Campain on his separation papers was GO 33 and 40 WD Rhineland Central Europe Rhineland. I would like to know what his involvement was with Dachau and what he did specifically to earn his medals. Please email me at Garret.Caouette@gmail.com with any information that can be found.
    Thank you

  3. Hello ! I am looking for information about Charles John “Charlie” Freitas born may 1914 ,veteran ww2 US Navy he was born in california and died 1971 he was my father

  4. Looking for Leonard Irvin Smith, birthday 4/11/1916 U.S. Army..Killed in action at Normandy 7/12/1944.. either from Alabama or Georgia…This is my Uncle.
    Please try to find his records, all I have is a picture

  5. Hello,

    I’m an aspiring Film maker. And I’m doing a Documentary film about WWII veterans. I’ve been struggling to find veterans near or around me (I’m from Miami). And then I came around this page. And thought this was a perfectly place. I wanted to know if it was possible to contact any veterans for my Documentary film? If it’s possible maybe you can help me find a way to contact him, via email or phone? Or have any form of information to contact someone, who can contact a Veteran? Please, It would help me a lot. Please and Thank you

  6. I just found a WWI Air Service uniform with the soldier SN (25352) on the inside. Any help on finding his name would be much appreciated.

  7. Looking for more information on a WWII Veteran, Joseph C jr Romano. Army Service Number is 32670538, Originally from Erie County, Buffalo NY. He Served with the 2nd armoured division, 66th Armoured Regiment. Reason being, I have an M1 helmet with his name to it and would like to reach out to him and listen to his stories but understanding if he doesn’t want to talk about them. If anybody knows anything, Please help. (Note: poster of this comment is from Southern Ontario Canada)

  8. For many, many years
    Ive been searching for my father:
    William Bennett GROSVENOR (he also spelled it GOSVENOR)
    Born: March 31, 1893
    Norwood, MO

    Entered WW1 1917
    US army infantry
    I cannot find him

    And My brother:
    Willis Bennett GROSVENOR (may be GOSVENOR )
    Born: 1921
    Stockton, CA
    US Army/Air Corp
    Flew B-17

  9. Looking for additional information for my grandfather, He served in World War ll. Was a resident of Deadwood, Lawrence County, South Dakota Born in Texas Jesse (J)oe Antuna , Single/No dependents. Served in the US Army from Jul. 9 1945- Nov. 24 1946 Enlisted at Fort Snelling Minnesota, Serial 37 803 876 was in Washington DC and MP in germany and was in China-burma

    • Could somebody please at least attempt to find something informative, any piece of information or clue to what unit 4 company research grandfather, (not to be snippy) it’s just everyone’s questions about their ancestors gets answered every hour and not a single person has tried to find out anything for my grandson. Once again he was a World War II veteran who enlisted in Fort Snelling Minnesota on July 9th 1945 as Jesse Joe antuna was a resident of Deadwood South Dakota was born in 1927 in Amarillo Texas and was an MP in Germany as well as Station in Washington DC and a member of China Burma Indian theater during World War II. Discharge known to be on November 24th 1946 by honorable discharge highest known rank is private First Class by the na ra but older photographs show his rank as a master sergeant US Army rank the serial number is 37 803 876 thank you once again :《{

  10. Hi, i am from Oran Algeria and during the WWII the US army engaged in north africa (French Algeria at that time). Recently My brother found a medal with a name and numbers :
    Lawrence Bradley Lefort
    606-39-5-69 T43 O P
    We wanted to get some informations about it and about this man we’re very interested to know what happened to know the history if it’s a real medal.
    Thank you.

  11. Looking for information on my grandfather, James Roland Little, who was in the 20th Air Force during WWII. He flew B-29’s over Japan and was a 1st Lt. I believe.

  12. Hello,
    While replacing concrete sidewalk in front of our philadelphia suburb home, we found a dog tag believed to be dated from WWII last name Burdumy. Please let me know if this could be your family or someone you know/knew. Thank you.

  13. Hello I am looking for Information on my great grandfather so that his service to our country can be remembered by our future generations. His name William “Bill” E. Healey United States Marine Corps Pacific theater (if I remember correctly he was 6th or 3rd Marines Okinawa there was alot of talk about him operating the “Flamethrower”) and he may have been on the cover of San Diego tribune or Stars and Stripes pacific edition …he was a wonderful man and Loved the Marine Corps he stayed a Marine until they let him go honorably he was all about Honesty Integrity Loyalty and Protecting the innocent. Unfortunately he was taken away from me too soon and I didnt get to know him as an adult. I was told he passed in his sleep possibly from a heartattack due to the horrific reoccurring dreams he was still having from the war. My great grandmother told me that is exactaly how he passed and that it broke her heart to hear him wake up from his dreams so often. This breaks my heartas well and he deserves to be remembered as all the service men and women do.

  14. I found a dog tag at a scrap yard in Santa Barbara, CA. I’d very much like to return it to the owner or his family and return it to them. It has the following:

    Albright Gerald E
    US 56272756

    If anyone could help me find a way to contact this man or his family so I can send them the dog tag I would greatly appreciate it!

  15. Hello – Looking for information regarding any medals my dad may have received. His name is Oliver L McGhee served as T5 in Battery B 327FA.

  16. My cousins and I are looking for their father. His name is Lawson Eugene Simpson and he is a WWII veteran – 90 years old. We believe that he spent the entire war stateside but we may be wrong. We know that he has very little in the way of financial resources. He was last seen in Bellvue, Florida about a year and a half ago. We think he may be in a nursing home and would like to help him and make sure he is receiving good care. His date of birth is 07/08/26. Any help in locating him would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  17. Hello
    I found a dog tag in the mountains of ny state today. The name is robert t ferguson. The number on it is us51477891. I can`t find anything about this person and would love to be able to return it to someone. Any help? Please!
    Thank you

  18. I am trying to locate my fiance william “chad” reagle’s father for him.. His name is william reagle ..no middle initial born,in 1947 divorced linda mitchell reagle.. He was in Vietnam.. He has lived from newyork to california.. No relatives have seen him many years .. Please if can help Jengibby@yahoo.com

  19. I don’t have much information, but I’m hoping to find something on my grandfather, Elwood Ray Kirby. He was born September 5, 1923 (I believe) in Mt. Savage or Frostburg, Maryland and I think he served in the Army. Thank you in advance to anyone who finds or tries to find anything!

  20. My name is Jennifer and I am with the Armed Forces YMCA of Missouri. I don’t know for sure that this is allowed on here and if not I do apologize. We are doing a “Field of Heroes” event and looking for WWII heroes to come to our event, possibly speak if they would like, meet people who would love to speak with them about their experiences in life and just honor them for their service. We would be putting up a flag in their honor. This is done just as Arlington is done and lit throughout the night and is put up along the parade route on November 11th-13th. I know it is short notice but if there is any out there that would like to participate we would LOVE to have you. I know a lot of JROTC boys and girls that would love to meet you as well. Please contact me as soon as possible. ymcainfo@centurylink.net or 573-329-4513 we are located in Saint Robert, Missouri.

  21. Hello,

    I’m looking for all the information I can get about Clarence Swartley.
    He’s burried at the American cemetery in the Netherlands (WW2).
    Rank: PFC
    registrationnumber: 33338630
    unit: 323 FA BN 83 DIV
    date of death: 05 MAR 45
    state: Pennsylvania
    Please let me know if you have information about him/ his family. Thank you.

    • Please check out Ancestry.. Pa vet. comp files; US headstones on foreign soil; 1940 census. Clarence E Swartley, PFC, 323 Field Artillery Battilian, 83 rd Division, 5 March 1945, Buried- Margraten, Netherlands. Married- Doris G. Swartley, 522 Walnut St., Royersford,Pa. Medals- Purple Heart and Bronze Star. Listed in 1940 Census as single liging in Royersford, Pa. with mother/ father 3 siblings. May have married after the census was taken. Could not find any death notices for him or his wife. Best of luck, Roger

  22. I am looking for information on my father, Eugene Reynolds Stroh. Born 6-17-1923, served in the Navy from.1940ish to 1960ish. He was on an aircraft carrier during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Would love some information!

  23. Hello,
    Love to know that there are folks that can help find information on your loved ones that you hold close to your heart. Over the years I have been able to gather this information, My Father (Homer W Luyster) enlisted in the Army on 04-13-1945 in Cleveland Ohio. He was in the WWII. His serial# is 35863132. He was born on 02-15-1927. He was a Tech 5 Engineer with mechanic company 3014 and a Occ Construction Mechanic 319. Armed or service CE, Componet-AUS. I would love to be able to collect any information/pictures that is out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is raoliver@tctelco.net. Thank you soooooo much in advance.

  24. Does anyone know how to figure out what unit someone was in? My husband has the discharge records for his grandfather (Wesley T. McCurdy), but that hasn’t helped us figure out his unit. Any thoughts?

  25. I am looking for army pictures of my dad. He was in World War II, his name was Lloyd Spencer, no middle name. He was born in 1912 in Robinson IL. He was living in Rochelle ,IL at time of his enlistment. He was not married. His parents names were Claude Spencer and Claudia Spencer.

  26. I would like to learn more about my grandfather’s service in the Navy during WWII. I know he was injured in Pear Harbor, but not the actual attack by the Japanese on December 7th 1941. I have his dog tags, and a copy of his draft card, but no other info on any ships he served aboard, or the date or nature of his injuries. I am not the next of kin, so the usual sources are closed off to me. At the very least, I would just like to know which ship he served.

  27. I would like to learn more about my fathers service in WWII. He was in the 8th Air Force, and was a flight navigator. He was in from 1941-1945, and know he spent a lot of time in India. His dog tag number is 32111986 T42 43 A and his name is Nathan Levin. He enlisted / was drafted from Flushing, NY, and was discharged from Mitchell Air Force base on Long Island. Would love to find out in what division of the 8th Air Force he was in. He was a Master Sergeant when he left.

  28. looking for relatives of Carl helms of waxhaw nc, 37 infantry ww2 , served with my father , I have a paper describing heroic acts in phillipines ,

  29. Hello,

    I am looking for any information regarding both of my Grandfathers, Elmer D. Wittenrich and Robert Duthie. I have some information, such as papers, pictures, and medals, and even a diary of one, but I would love to know if there is anything out there that I don’t know of on either of them. Robert Duthie was a POW while in Europe. He went in on D-Day. I believe Elmer Wittenrich was in the Pacific for some time, but he hardly ever mentioned his time there and I would love to know where he was stationed, as well as how long he was there. My Grandfathers history means a great deal to me so any information would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi. I can see what I can find out for you. Can you please email scans of the paperwork you have? My email is dogtag73(“at symbol”)gmail.com

      I found 3 different Robert Duthie’s in the Army Enlistment records, but no POW records for anyone named Robert Duthie. If you know which units they served in, that would be very helpful information to know, because you can track the movements of their units during WWII and that will give you an idea of where they were stationed in Europe and the S.P.

      I’d be happy to give some suggestions on which research avenues to pursue to learn more.

  30. Hi.
    I’ve had a big interest in WW2, since I found out my granddad was in the danish resistance. He never talked much about what he did during the war to anyone, and sadly he passed away when I was 11 in 1999.
    Since then, I’ve wanted to hear more, from those who were there. I know I’ll soon be too late, but one of my biggests wishes is to speak to a veteran, who participated in the war. I’ve read everything there is to read about D-day, and other major battles, and I would travel the world to get the chance to hear a veterans story. I know I can never fully understand what they’ve gone through, but I sure hope to get a tiny bit of understanding. To my generation it is hard to imagine what was asked of them.

  31. I’m looking for military records for my great uncle, Kenneth Jacobson, who was from Boaz, WI. He enlisted in the Navy during WWII at 19 or 20. He would have been born around 1922. Rumor is he left from the Brooklyn Naval Yard, and was on a PT boat in the South Pacific. Sadly, he came back with severe PTSD and was never able to work or take care of himself until he died two years ago at 92. He never spoke about his experiences. We think he may have ended up in a Military Psychiatric hospital in Texas before returning to Wisconsin at in his early twenties, where he lived with guardians until the end. I’ve been unable to get his military papers from his guardian. Any information is greatly appreciated!

  32. My ex-father in law’s name was Ralph Bourdreau. My wife and I divorced in 2014, but we have reconciled. I’m trying to find information ie; pictures etc….. I know he served in North Africa and fought in Germany as an Army PFC, and was an officer in the Air Force ststioned at Fort Devens in Massachusetts after the war. He was wounded by a rifle butt in the throat, and was shot in the knee resulting in a knee replacement. If anybody knows anything about him, please email me at: civilouis@yahoo.com? It would be much appreciated.

  33. Hi!
    I found a WW2 dog tag at a home site we purchased in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. I would love to find out more information about him and return it to family. In my limited research, I haven’t come across a serial number like it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Buffington Harry K
    6992532 T43 4 O

  34. My grandfather served in WW II and in going through a family heirloom box we discovered a Purple Heart and Bronze Star with the name Eugene O. Ary engraved on the back.
    There was also info about about Mr. Ary having been a POW.
    Please help me link up withhis family so we can return these items.

  35. I was given a book about WWII and much to my surprise, found a certificate for a promotion for a PFC Percy Lee J. Knight to corporal. It is signed by Jas H.,Kottner (?), colonel, 156th infantry, Camp Bowie Texas on March 10, 1942.I would be happy to mail this certificate to him or his descendants.

    • Douglas Beattie, JR 385653 was a navy fighter pilot in WWII. He died in 1986. (It is possible to trace some of his career using fold3.com and the WWII navy muster rolls.)
      Here is his grave:

      While he was married at one time, I was not able to find if he had any children. His sister died in 2004.
      These lines come from his sisters’ obit.

      “SOUTH HADLEY – Ina Jean (“Jeanie”) Carver, 77, of Chatham, MA, died Feb. 15 (2004) at Sunbridge Nursing Home in Hadley, following a long illness. Born in Holyoke, Jean is the daughter of the late Douglas Beattie, Sr., owner and operator of the former Beattie’s Dairy in Chicopee, and the late Aldena (Campbell) Beattie. ”
      ” Jean leaves three sons, Gregory Wiesel of Chatham, Robert Wiesel of Granby, and A. Scott Wiesel of Pompano Beach, FL; as well as four grandchildren, Brie Oliveri, Ben Ryan, and Matt and Alexis Wiesel. She was predeceased by her brother, Douglas Beattie, Jr.; her daughter, Alexis Jean Ryan; and her grandson, Zachary Wiesel. ”

      You can get addresses for Douglas’ nephews using anywho.com. There is a Gregory D Wiesel now living in Eastham, MA. Robert P Wiesel is still living in Granby. It appears Scott Wiesel now lives in Boynton Beach FL. Good Luck

    • So I was googling about my family history and some how I ended up here…my name is Ben Ryan and Douglas Beattie was my great grandfather it would be really interesting to talk to you …..my email is bryan@8867@comcast.net

  36. Hello, I am trying to find out information about my Grandfather. Richard Arthur Tolman from Massachusetts. He was in the Navy but I do not know what ship he was on and where he traveled. I would love to know more about his life. He was born November 23, 1918 and passed away in January of 2002. He didn’t talk much about his military service, I do not know why.

    • Richard Arthur Tolman, serial number 803-20-76, enlisted in Boston MA on Nov 9, 1943.
      Much of his wartime service appears to be in the Med. I did a quick search on fold3.com.
      On 12 Feb 1944 he is assigned to the USS Tarazed, (AF-13) from Norfolk.
      He may not have been a crewman, but was being transferred to North Africa on the ship. The ship ran between the US and North Africa.
      On 4 Apr, 1944 to he transfers from AAFB (Advanced Amphibious Training Base) Bizerte, Tunsia to YMS-83. (A mine sweeper).
      On 6 May 1944 he to transfers to SC-498 (a sub chaser).
      On 27 July, 1944 he is transferred to SC-979 another sub chaser of the same class. He is now a S1c (seaman 1st class).
      In my quick search of the records, There is a gap here, possible some of the records on fold3 are not machine readable.
      A later record from 26 Feb, 1946 shows him transferred from LST-843 to the USS Oakland, CL-95. His rank is given as S2c , Seaman 2nd class, so at some point, it appears he had been demoted).

      There is a navy site, http://www.navsource.org, which has some information on these ships, but it appears to be down at the moment.

      Hope this answers a few of your questions.

  37. Is there a place i can send photos to for others? I have about a dozen small photos of father in law’s army buddies from Vienna Austria. He was in cleanup duty after war but never spoke about it so we know nothing. He passed in 1986. Photos are what he had sent home . Names on them are Braluer, A.W. Eutin, Casseller, Loelmer,Imagla, Don E. Hicks Alabama, Glenn Haughland Wisconsin. Would rather not toss them if someone wants them.

  38. I am a Veteran Service Officer in Marshall County, Alabama. I am new to the job and was going through some of the cabinets in the office and found a plastic Ziploc bag with letters and photos that belong to Robert J. Nichols from his WWII service in the Pacific. Tarawa, Marshall Islands, etc. Very well preserved and excellent photos. Should be with the family of the veteran. There are also, two campaign medals and a Marine marksmanship badge that look to be the original. Any help in finding the family of this veteran is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  39. Hi, searching for any information on my father. DOB: 8/21/21 in Upstate NY. WW11 Navy. Served on USS Enterprise the day Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Was wounded during service. He didn’t talk much about it. Deceased: 1980 in Fallbrook, California.
    Thank you.

      • Sorry, you are right! Robert G. Merkley. DOB is 8/20/1921 (corrected). Don’t have rank or serial number. His occupation after the military was a Chef, so perhaps that is what he did on board ship? Thanks.

      • I can find on fold3.com a Robert G Merkley, 600-01-78, from Albany NY. He enlisted on 10 December, 1941. It is possible to trace this man through Muster Rolls on fold3.com to several ships starting in 1942. But note the date of enlistment, it is after Pearl Harbor. (So, possibly the wrong man?)

        Note: fold3.com Navy muster rolls are free access at the moment, so you could do your own searching.

      • This is amazing!! I checked the site out but can’t find where it says he enlisted in Albany and what other ships he was on. There was a 2 year gap from enlist date to date first received on board.Next to his name it says off?? Everything seems to fit so far, he never talked much about the war even though we asked, he was wounded, shrapnel in his lower face and jaw. You have no idea how thankful I am for your help!

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

      • This is amazing!! I checked the site out but can’t find where it says he enlisted in Albany and what other ships he was on. There was a 2 year gap from enlist date to date first received on board.
        Next to his name it says off??
        Everything seems to fit so far, he never talked much about the war even though we asked, he was wounded, shrapnel in his lower face and jaw.
        You have no idea how thankful I am for your help!!

        And yes, Gordon was his middle name! My brother is a Jr. Does it list social security numbers? I just got his social from my brother.

      • On the first page of fold3.com , if I enter Robert G for first name and Merkley for last name I get 11 hits, all in the Navy Muster logs. Several ships are listed, some pages are just lists of names, other are log pages with the name listed on a line number on the top half of the page, then on the bottom half of the page the line numbers are repeated and more information is stated for each person on the top half. You may need some explanations for the some of the abbreviations.

        Sometimes going forward and backward from a found page will reveal entries on other pages in the same log for the person.

        Ships listed are the Brooklyn, Montpelier, and the Osmond Ingram.

        You can also try just the last name Merkley and the serial number entered as 6000178 (entered as a keyword) in the advanced search option. Sometimes something new shows up.

  40. Hi! I’ve been trying to find more information about my great-uncle, Charles R Noel. I have several of his letters from training and maybe one or two when he was overseas. I found his service number, 42114985, and his unit, 320th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division. But, I want to find out more. In his last letter he wrote, he said he was somewhere in France. He died December 15, 1944. My father is the last surviving member from his family, born 1942. He said his family didn’t talk much of Charles after he died because it was too painful for them. His family lived in New York, Saratoga Springs area, but they were still Canadian citizens. My father always thought that Charles’ middle name was Albert, but apparently it is not. This is all I know.

    • I assume you know his grave is in the Lorraine American Cemetery (France).


      There is a history of the 320th Infantry Regiment (text version) here: http://www.coulthart.com/134/320-uh.htm

      You can read what they were doing around December 15th, 1944.

      “In the following days (after December 8) the unit advanced against stiff resistance to seize Bliesbruck on the Blies River. On the afternoon of the 12th two B Company men, S/Sgt. Elvin C. Hammonds of Clinton, Missouri, and James W. Johnson of Clifton, Virginia, forded the stream and walked on the cross the boundary line – the first 320th Joes to step on the “sacred soil”.

      “Despite angry opposition the unit had captured three German towns – Nieder Gailbach, Gersheim, and Renheim – before being relieved on the 21st to be shifted into the Ardennes to help stem and then throw back Marshal Rundstedt’s winter counteroffensive.”

  41. I recently found a one hundred pesos from the Japanese government I’m assuming ww2 it’s signed “In remembrance of the Philippines 1945+46 and also has a T/5 next to the name only problem can’t understand it it’s faded I’ve been searching online but no luck!!!! I’m curious to find out who’s the person who wrote it?.

      • I think the money is Japanese Occupation Money.

        You might find the note listed here:

        You might be able to use black light (UV light) to read the name. Other direct techniques involve using a high intensity LED flashlight, either shining directly down on the name or held almost parallel to the name.

        Other than the man being a Tech/5 you probably will not be able to identify him without reading his name.

  42. Hi, I am trying to find information on my great grandfather John Harmon Pye. He was born on May 11, 1919 and he joined the Army from Georgia. No one in my family has any information about his service and I am curious to find out what I can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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