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  1. Looking for info on my cousin, John Joseph Lennox who served in WWII probably in the Navy. Was from NY city. Later became NYC policeman.

  2. Looking for information on my Grandfather, Ernest Glenn Sutphin. He was in Normandy as part of the 237th Engineers as a Private First Class in the Army. Beyond that I know very little.

    • You may want to check with the register of deeds or county recorder in the county in which he lived when discharged. They may have a copy of it.

      • The Pennsylvania Bonus Application on ancestry.com indicates Walter J. Biichle entered the army on May 21, 1943 at Williamsport and was separated from service at the Fort Riley Hospital on November 6, 1943. He answered the question as to whether he had been on active service as “No”. His service number was 33509855.

        It looks like he may have been injured in training and released from service.

        80% of the WWII army records were destroyed in a fire in 1973 at the records facility in St. Louis.

  3. I am looking for the family of Warren Nord, 28th infantry. He was a dear friend of my grandfather and fellow escapee from a prison camp in Poland. I have something of his.
    Also, would love to find the family in Poland who assisted them, last name Kucharski.

    If anyone has photos they are looking for help identifying feel free to post on the 10th armored facebook page. I am the admin.


  4. Yes . Is about my family member he’s go to work ward ll and he beber combat to the country and my family never now what happen to him then never the government never notified what happened about him so my family member name is Gilberto Alvarez moralez I ha a some information when he go to Yokosuka Japan the info said like that Gilberto Alvarez moralez 1225701 PFE-070. End of Reel -079 MC SS and is other information I have for Gilberto Alvarez Moralez is this ti is said like that RANK PRIVATE FIRST CLASS STATION-2D-52 of CASCO H and son Mcrdop Pic is the inormatio my family have to now about this request how is can help us and my family member found him no matters is is Gilberto Alvarez moralez stay alive or dead only is I can tell you he nenes combat to my familia house after that and never recibiese any news or notice for. Him my uncle do the service in honor of the united state of America for this country and are now. Why after that no have consideration for the family member no matter how is combat to the home only my family then want now is give to him a sanctuary sepultured when his dead or his stay alive no matter how many tarar he have now only my family waiting for news about him thanks is you is found I’m or remove any option you have in yours hands please try the best a yours hand they can reach god my celestial father is glad you for ever in yours hearts thank for your coperation about my uncle my gah there is stay alive waiting for Gilberto Alvarez moralez toma phone number you can contact is 1-856-278-9236

  5. Located a WWII vet, Robert Boals, known as J. Robert Boals in WWII. He was in 784th AAA AA Bn with my late father. He is living in Ohio and has not received any kind of recognition. How do I remedy this?

  6. Looking for any information on the 794th MP BN. My grandfathers discharge papers states this was what he was assigned to. His name was Thomas J O’Brien. I’m wanting to try and gather more info on his service and his fellow servicemen. Seems this BN has disbanded and been forgotten? Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Google can be your friend here. Search using this search phrase:
      “794th MP BN” OR “794th Military Police Battalion”

      You should get about 275 “hits”. Now comes the fun part, its like a jigsaw puzzle. You follow up on the hits and try to see the big picture.

      The unit seems to have been formed at Camp Custer in MI in early 1943. It was then sent via ship to North Africa. One company was on LST-325. What starts to emerge is the story of a unit that was assigned the duty of guarding supply trains, first in North Africa then Italy and later France. When the unit (or parts of it) moved to Italy, the transport ship, SS Largs Bay, struck an mine in Naples harbor on Jan 2, 1944 and the 794th suffered some casualties.

      It seems to have also been associated with the 1st Military Railroad Service. (one of the hits is this):

      Work your way though the “hit” list and I think you will get the big picture.
      Some of the men you will find were in the unit only part of the time. There is a video interview with a man who was in the unit in 1945-1946, so some of his experiences may not be relevant to your grandfather’s service.

      Good Luck

  7. Banging my head! trying to find info on my father-in-law; Johnny Jason Lynn, Army Paratrooper, enlisted in Chicago…I believe in the late 1930’s, 36 or 38 I think. Went into the Phillipines with McArthur and subsequently into mainland Japan as part of the occupation. Was discharged I think sometime in 1946. Also, was from Tennessee. His records were in the big fire in 73.

  8. I hope to find information on Thomas Russell Strong, who was in the Air Force as a crew member on (I believe) a B-17, during WWII. I remember a newspaper article stating how he had in excess of 300 in flight hours. Is the previous even possible, as so many crews were shot down? His recollections about some of the service aboard the plane were published in a book. I don’t have the title, and the book is out of print. If I found the title of the book, I’d hope to find a used copy for Thomas’s grandson who never knew him as he passed from cancer. It’s possible that the plane was nicknamed, ‘Shoo Shoo Baby’ after an Andrews Sisters song. He used Shoo Shoo as a term of endearment. It would be great if his grandson could have some history of my dad’s service to his country, as he was never fortunate to know his grandfather.

    • Can you give us a little more information? What state/city was he from? What were the dates of his birth and death (even approximately)? Did he serve in England, Italy or the Pacific?

      There were lots of planes called “Shoo Shoo Baby”

      • Thomas R. Strong was from Canton, Ohio, originally. He was born on August 20th, about 1925’ish? I’m not sure about the year. He might have enlisted too young in the service, as he could have lied. I know he served in Italy, and in Iran, that was where he met my mother. She was a Catholic, who worked in the U.S. embassy (she’s passed also, but I have a letter of recommendation from the embassy there) . Then as now, Iran was a predominately Muslim country, my mom was one of the few Christians there. They got married in Iran. I don’t think those places are where he flew out from when on his flights in WWII, but afterward. The last place that he was stationed before he retired from the Air Force was Mrytle Beach, South Carolina. We had some lovely friends from Mrytle Beach, but they’ve all passed now, so I can’t contact anyone there. I was only six when we moved to California, for his opportunities in the aerospace industry there. He continued to work as a hydralic engineer (?). I believe he passed in a Veteran’s Hospital in Washington, DC., around 2011.

      • I can find a SS record for a Thomas Russell Strong, born 20 August, 1921 in Canton Ohio and died 15 November 2000. Last address was Alta Loma, San Bernardino, CA . There is also an enlistment record for “a” Thomas R Strong (born in 1921) and from Stark County Ohio. Stark is the county that Canton is in. The enlistment date is 8 Mar 1946. This may be a re-enlistment record as it is after the war ended.

        I also ran across a newspaper article about a Katie Tourkia, dancer from Iran whose sister was married to Thomas R Strong of Canton. Might Katie be your Aunt?

  9. Yes, Katie Tourkia Burke was my aunt. She passed away also, but she had danced for the Shah of Iran, and we had the story from the newspaper at her funeral. All the information you have sounds correct, and it must have been a re-enlistment in 46, as he had 20 plus years to retire with full benefits in 1960, when we moved to California. Is there any other information about his service or possible websites/veteran’s groups that would have more about his service? It would be great to find out the plane that he flew as a crew member, and the title of the book about B-17’s with his quotes inside. I saw the book, and the quotes but as it wasn’t my book I only got a quick look. I planned to buy a copy for my nephew (Thomas’ grandson) through ebay or whereever I could as it’s out of print.

    • I have had no luck finding the book about B-17s. If he served in Italy, that would restrict the possible B-17 Bomb Groups to those in the 15th Air Force.

      The article on Katie is on page 4 of this newspaper.


      The same article appeared in many newspapers around that date.

      Thomas R Strong, who enlisted or re-enlisted in 1946 had serial number 15018092 and SS Number 284-14-0317.

      If you have not tried it yet, you may want to see if you can request his military records. Start on the page archives.gov and follow the Veterans Service Records tabs and instructions.

      Good Luck

      • Thomas R Strong does not appear on the records for the 99th Bomb Group which flew the B-17 Flying Fortress for a total of 395 Combat Missions from North Africa and Italy to bomb European targets from March of 1943 to April 1945. The 99th BG was part of the 12th Air Force in North Africa under General Doolittle and became part of the 15th Air Force when it moved to Italy in November 1943. More detailed information can be found at the 99th Bomb Group Historical Society (BGHS) website at http://www.99bombgroup.org Gary T. Staffo 2nd Vice President 99 BGHS

  10. I received name plates from 19 World War II Veterans and I would love to get these to a family member or the Veteran themselves. A friend of our family was going to dispose of them when she came across them. Please contact me at kiranannasmom@gmail.com if you know where I could send each of them.
    The names are as follows:
    Claude H. Hall
    Richard P. Hall ⭐️
    Hansford B. Hall
    Warren G. Hall
    Cecil C. Hall
    Charles E. Staples
    James E. Staples
    Daniel A. Morris
    Fulton W. Morris
    Barney G. Morris
    Roy L. Mandy
    John W. Davis
    Harvey D. Riley
    T. Daniel McCauley
    W. Kyger Wood
    Ollie B. Herring
    Cecil C. Smith
    Brunette H. Wood
    Paul B. Sanford

  11. My dad Thomas Strong did NOT fly out of Italy (or Iran for that matter) in the B-17. When he was stationed in Italy and Iran he was training others, that was after his service in WWII. I don’t know where he was stationed during WWII. I just talked to my sister and though she was even younger than I, she said that my dad was a ‘ball gunner’. I had heard that he got that job because he was so thin, many enlisted men were just too large to fit inside that area. He had excellent eyesight and that helped also. I sure wish that someone had saved the article that listed his over 320 flight hours. I don’t know if it was from a newspaper or Air Force newsletter, but I remember seeing it. I didn’t think that much about it at the time as I was just a kid. I found out latter just how many young men didn’t come home from even one flight. And most of the soldiers were so young to devote their lives to our freedom. God bless all of them for their sacrifices. Somehow that article got lost in the moves we did.
    Thank you so much for all the information you’ve shared with me. I’ll print out the information, and pursue the possible suggestions you’ve listed!

  12. Hello! I wrote earlier about looking for information about my great uncle, Walter P. Strus who fought in the Philippines, served over 902 days as a POW at Cabanatuan #1 and was killed when his hell ship, the Arisan Maru, was sunk in October 1944. I’m looking for any survivors from his POW camp, Cabanatuan. I’ve tried to find the information on the internet but to no avail. Does anyone have any additional information or other suggestions to find any survivors (currently living) from Cabanatuan?

    Thank you!

      • Thank you for your reply! I did see that article and I talked to a couple of those men, thinking they would be my best bet, but didn’t really come up with a good lead. So I was hoping to find another avenue of information. I found out just yesterday that he was mentioned in the diary of Major Fleeger, who was at Camp Cabanatuan, in a book called, “Remind me to tell you: a history of Major Harry J. Fleeger and his friends, POWs of the Japanese” where the author (Major Fleeger) writes that he must remember to write a letter of commendation to the Army’s Adjutant General for my great uncle after he is liberated. Unfortunately, we don’t know what for!

    • Sarah, I would think those men would be your best chance. Perhaps you can contact the reporter(s) who wrote the articles and see if they would help you. They might get another story out of it. 😉

      I assume you have found websites such as this.

      I started to look up the men listed in the Acknowledgements section at the back of the book “Ghost Soldiers”, but most of them have died.

      • Thank you Rolland so much for helping me! I really appreciate it. Now that I finally have a picture of my great uncle, I’m going to go back and reach out again to all of the 200th/515th veterans and send them his photo and even the excerpt from Major Fleeger’s diary (maybe they might remember Major Fleeger and remember my great uncle!) I wish I would’ve figured to do this 20 years ago! Then again, the internet wasn’t quite so prevalent 20 years ago!

      • Good idea! Here is what it says from the diary:

        “December 1, 1942 — Messes were consolidate and I started working in the camp library…

        Letters of Commendation to be written by me after the war — to Adjustant General [of the Army] – regarding service in prison camp mess — of the following enlisted men:

        Strus, W. P. Pot. 36105100 Btry C 515th Coast Artillery.”

        I think there were 8 other men listed, but I don’t have the book. I got that excerpt from the author (who couldn’t find any additional information about him in the rest of the diary). I ordered a copy though and hope to get it soon!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Here is a list I found. It’s been recently updated. The lady who compiled the list might have contact info for some of them. Her email address is on the page. If she can’t help, I might be able to help you get contact information for some of them. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PRungcvc2-hTWfttrOHeL6IjKimxmQASMAtpwpAhrPk/edit#gid=0

      You can reach me via email at dogtag73 (at symbol) gmail.com

      Please accept my condolences for your family’s loss.

      • Francesca,

        Thank you so much! This is so helpful! I’m going to get on this list tomorrow and see what addresses I can find. I’m going to start sending the letters tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be able to find something out, anything! I really appreciate your help!!!

  13. I am wanting to know how an Army SSGT passed away. His name is Robert M. (Mike) Bond born June 13, 1956 and passed away November 9, 1987. He was the son of Lt. General Robert M. Bond and Bette Resnick Bond.

  14. From Mary on July 16 2017

    I have a friend, Alton Kneupper, that was in WWII in Normandy . He is 94 now. I do not see him on any of the lists so far. He is wondering if there is anyone still alive from his company. He was technician Forth grade Headquarters & Service Company 237th Engineer Company. He was honorable discharged and a purple heart recipient. Normandy Northern France Ardennes Rhineland central Europe. He was there when they fired a short fire then a corrected fire. Several were killed of our guys. I am not sure how all this works. I just started to help him and ran across this site.

  15. Looking for more information regarding my grandfather CPL William A Parment and his time with the 78th armored field artillery CCB of the 2nd armored division. Also was part of Patton’s Western task force seeing action in Africa as a T19 HMC driver. I have enlistment and discharge papers along with various other bits of info such as patches and ribbons. I have only been able to figure out the basic information that I was already aware of thanks to what I have found on the national archives website .. I was told his files were destroyed during the war hints his long stay in the army after the war as part of the AAF . If you would like any pictures of his belongings and papers please contact me via email. It would mean a great deal to my self and my family to be able to know his story during what I would consider one if the most crucial parts, turning points of his life .. making him the man I once knew .. William a Parment Westfield ny place of enlistment, Buffalo NY on July 29th 1941 his army serial number is 32-027-901 . Born December 9th 1918 .. any and all information would be great .. I’m trying to document his journey to hopefully someday share his story with others who are interested in the war.

  16. Looking for information on my uncle Raymond P Woodruff USMC wounded at Iwo Jima. I want to find out what unit he was attached to.

    • There is a PFC Raymond P. Woodruff on the Jan.45 Muster Roll of the 1st Battalion, 25th Regiment, 4th Marine Division. He is assigned to HQ Company and embarked on the USS Napa for Iwo Jima.

  17. ANTHONY MCKINNEY. I am not related to him in any way, but had the extreme pleasure and honor of meeting him yesterday, here in Woodhaven, Mi. I searched his name but nothing came up.

  18. I am looking for relatives of William (Bill) Snider, Marine Corps WWII vet from Utica, New York. He lived at 1630 St. Agnes Avenue in Utica during enlistment. He would have been stationed on Guam with my Dad, December 9, 1944. I found a picture of Bill taken then in my Father’s things and would like to return it to the family.

  19. I recently bought a military Footlocker that belonged to Capt. Domenico M. Robbe. I would love to talk to anyone who knows him or is related to him. Would love to have a picture of him from the war to put of his Footlocker. I found out he Is 100 yrs. old and lives in Carmichael, California. He enlisted in Sept. 1946. If anyone can help me I would appreciate it.

  20. Hello everybody,
    I am looking for someone from WW2. My grandmother, at the end of the war, met an american soldier. I have a photo of him, behind the photo my grandmother wrote « october 46 ». She met him in France, Vosges, in the city of Val d’Ajol. As she recall, american soldiers were used to go to the Val d’Ajol to rest during, and a moment after, the war. I don’t have a lot of informations. His name was Mondo John, he was from New Jersey and he was engaged when he met my grandmother (he took the habit of visiting my grandmother as friends because she reminded him of his fiancee). She think that he was older than her, maybe 25 or more.
    That’s not a lot of information.. My grandmother would like to know if, and when, he died. Because he always promised to come back in France with his soon to be wife and never did.
    Is there any official list that I could find ?

    Thanks a lot !

  21. Hello! I am looking for information on my great uncle Joseph Giles Pase. He was a Sgt. in WW2 and one of the two commanders of the groups of American POWs in Kamioka Japan. I know this is a long shot but I’m trying to do research on him and the men who served under him. I have his diary and handdrawn cards from his men but I do not know any men still alive who would be able to remember him. I know that a Robert J Vogler Jr was at Kamioka and was alive as of 2011 but I don’t know how to reach him. Anyone have any ancestors who were incarcerated there and has some stories to share please let me know.

  22. Hello,
    Looking for information on Delmont (Pete) Petrie who served in the Pacific in the 103rd Infantry Regiment. I believe it was part of the 43rd division. His records were burned in the fire in DC. He served with soldier named Pateneau (sp?).

  23. Hi! I am looking for information on my grandfather. On February 13, 1945 he wrote a post card that stated he was a Staff Sgt in Co.E-112 APO 28. I always thought he was a supply clerk? His name was Erwin Renfro and the card stated he had been moved to the 28th. He never talked of the war and I have limited information. Thanks for any help or guidance.
    Jenn Langley

    • This might mean he was moved to Company E, 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division sometime in February, 1945.

      There is a blog about the HQ company of the 112th Infantry Regiment here::
      This is the post for February:


      There are monthly posts (see the left side of the page) starting in August, 1944 to March 1945. The posts for February and March may be of interest to you.

      You can also try Google searches for “112th Infantry Regiment” or “28th Infantry Division” or both together to get some more background.

      I cannot find and enlistment record for Erwin Renfro, his records may have been lost in a fire that occurred in the St Louis Repository in 1973.

  24. im martin im the grandson of martin lawerince finfrock im trying to find any military records of him in the army during world war 2
    if anyone can help please email me at mjfdeel@gmail.com or post on here , and thanks for reading this

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