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  1. I was trying to reach the moderator of this group. I received an automated reply: I thought the info below may be helpful to others in our forum. Much apprecition and gratitude to Richard Berry, in clebration of his life and service.

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  2. I am looking to see if my grandfather was over seas when ww2 was going on his name was Harley f weber he was born in 1919 i beleave he was in the army

  3. I have a WW2 canteen cup which I purchased at a surplus store in 1949. Etched on it is the following: Blue, Richmond, VA, Camp Lee, Hood, White, Adair. Pat. Henry, Oran, Italy.
    Italy 1944-45
    I would like to return this item with the original canteen, holder ,and web belt, to the original owner or his relatives.

  4. Looking at some of the camp names, Camp Lee, Hood and then in particular Camp White and Camp Adair, and Camp Patrick Henry (which was an embarkation port) this soldier may have served in the 91st Division.

    The problem is there does not appear to be a soldier named (unless his name is Blue).
    Mr Blue could have been inducted at Richmond VA then went through a series of camps before going overseas, first to Oran then on to Italy.

  5. Hi there,
    I am seeking information on my great-grandfather. His name was Abraham Gotlinsky – although his surname may have been Gotlin before he entered the service. He was in the US Navy and served in WWII and was eventually stationed in San Diego, CA. I know he grew up in New York – I believe in Brooklyn and would probably have enlisted there. He had 6+ siblings. I unfortunately do not have much information other than that. I am hoping to find out more about his life before and during his service and about his military career.

    Thank you!

  6. There are some records for an Abraham Gotinsky, serial number 706-69-85 on fold3.com.

    Note: fold3.com often has free access around Memorial day.

    He enlisted in New York on September 4, 1942. Most of his WWII service seems to be at naval bases on the Galapagos Islands, the base at Corinto Nicaragua, the Canal Zone etc.
    He may have left the navy in 1945 then re-enlisted as he shows up several times on the USS Prairie based in San Diego, 1947 to 1949. The USS Prairie was a destroyer tender.

    This Gotinsky died 7 Jan 1984.

    • Thank you so much!! That is his death date according to his tombstone but all of that other information is entirely new to me! Thank you also for mentioning fold3 – I didn’t know that website existed and I will most certainly be eagerly awaiting Memorial Day to see if I can find anymore information on there. I had no idea I would get a reply so quickly – thank you so very much.

  7. Hello. I am trying to find out anything i can about my grandfather’s military record. I know he was in the Army WW2. He told me he was in the trenches but i do not know where or how to start looking. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. He passed away and i would love to know something about that part of his life.
    Lonnie Lee Campbell
    Born in 1929

  8. Malorey, I think your grandfather was born in 1925 not 1929. His grave is here:

    (I believe you are mentioned in the obit).

    He was in the Army Air Forces. On fold3.com there is an enlistment record for a Lonnie L M Campbell, serial number 38644004, from Jones County, born in 1925. He was drafted on 13 February, 1945. At that late date he would not have seen combat service in Europe and probably not in the Pacific either. He may have served overseas post war.

  9. Hello,
    I am looking for any information about my soldiers. His name I adopted at the Walls of the Missing in Margraten, the Netherlands.
    His name is Floyd C White Sr.
    Private, U.S. Army
    67th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division
    New Jersey
    November 17, 1944
    Bridgeton, Cumberland County, New Jersey
    Doris E. (Gilman) White (wife)
    Floyd C. White Jr. (son)

    This is the information so far.
    I thank you all for reading this and perhaps I will find information about my soldier.

    • There a 3 men named Johnie York listed in the NARA enlistment database. All were drafted in 1942.
      Johnie I York from Missouri, born in 1913. Serial number ends in 6018.
      Johnie V York from Arkansas, born in 1922.. Serial number ends in 1785.
      Johnie L York from North Carolina, born in 1917. Serial number ends in 3173.
      T43 is the year of his tetanus shot, 1943.

      • Thank you for the clarification of “T43.”

        I finally figured out the other numbers were his serial number and traced it to Johnie V York of Arkansas. I believe he married Lorean Wooley but, I can’t confirm that as of yet. Do you know of a way to find his family?

        I found the tag in my step father’s possessions. His name was Waymen Dean Phillips, also of Arkansas. Maybe they were good friends. Dean died a few years back.

        Anyway, would love to deliver it to his kin if they want it. Any assistance would be appreciated.

      • Johnie Vestel York was born in 1921 (not 1922, I had it incorrect above) and he died in 2009. His obit is included in his findagrave posting:


        His wife was Rae Dean Lawrence according to the obit. The obit mentions 3 daughters and one son, Jerry J York with wife Tina.

        I believe that Jerry and Tina live in Maryland Heights, MO.

      • Oh wow, thank you! That is good information and gets me just a little bit closer. I really hope this will get the tag to those that deserve to have it.

  10. i have found a flag that was on the casket of eddie holtz of lee il. I am trying to find some info on him so i can get the flag back to the family. the flag i have came from lee post 1253 american legion. this is a 48 star flag.

  11. Hello!! I’m searching for some information on my Great Grandfather, his name was Ralph Alvey Powell and he served as a US Navy Shipfitter first class from WWII through the Korean War. He was from Illinois and was born in September of 1915. I know a lot about his service career, but not much about him personally. If you remember him, or have a family member that does, please let me know. I would love to have a chat with you to hear more about him. Thank you!

    • It may depend on what the photo shows. If you can identify a possible unit then you may be able to post the photo on the unit’s website.

      Maybe the way to start is to just post the photo on a free hosting site, such a imgur.com and then post a link to the photo here. Someone here may come up with some ideas on what to try next, based on what can be seen in the photo.

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