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  1. I am looking for information on my grandfather. I don’t have much other then his name James Richard Dutton born on Jan. 7,1924 died on March 31,1985. Born in Manchester, GA. Service in US Navy World War 2. I would like some help on finding more information on his service for my children. Thanks.

  2. If any know where the 65th infantry division H co., 259th infantry regiment went please let me know. I am trying to find out where my grandfather went during the war

  3. Sorry the information I have is so vague. I am Looking for Relatives of a Veteran who was stationed in England during WW2. I only have a first name of Chuck (Charles) ? He would have been stationed in or near Winchester, Hampshire around 1944. His Family would be originally from Tennessee or Carolina.

    • If I’m not mistaken the 182nd Airborne and the 101st Airborne Divisions were in these area before jumping into Normany on June 6, 1944. You might do a search on these divisions. Sorry I can’t help anymore than this. Happy search.

  4. I’ve posted on here before, but I thought I would give it another shot. My great grandpa was in the navy from WWII through the Korean War. He was a shipfitter first class during his career. His name was Ralph Alvey Powell. His brother was Charles “Bud” Powell. Charles served in the army during WWII. My family didn’t have an opportunity to know Ralph very well and I, as his great granddaughter, would love to speak with someone who may have known him or his family.
    If you or a family member ever met him, I would love to speak with you.

  5. Looking for info on my dad all I have is the headstone info { Pfc Ray Warren Williams Co.D 25th med bn } I know he was in Japan in 1946 have a Easter card

  6. Hello,

    I am searching for any information on my great-uncle, William (Billy) E. Way, of Meriden Kansas. He served in the Army in WWII, in the 38th Infantry, Company B. He was killed on day 2, Dec 18th, 1944, Battle of the Bulge. I have his burial flag, Purple Heart and his service photos, but am trying to connect with someone, anyone, who may have served with him at that time. I appreciate it very much!

    Chris Dickey

  7. I would like information on my grandfather. I know he enlisted and was in the Army. That is all I know. We would love to know more. His name is Richard William Rudolph born in 1908 in Los Angeles. We would love to know the unit and the base or bases he was stationed at. How do we grt all of his mlitary record?

  8. I have an Army New Testament that was presented to George D. Wolf (A.S.N. 38340029) possibly from Matador, Texas, with a nearest of kin listed as E.L. Wolf. If someone could provide me with more information on him I would appreciate it. I’m hoping to return this Bible to a family member or friend if possible.

  9. My grandfather is James S. Peck. He was a Seabee in WW2. He was on Okinawa at some point and I have 2 maps of Okinawa I would like to get more info on. Anyone have any suggestions?

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