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  1. Found: Zippo pocket lighter.
    Viet Nam timeframe.
    Engraved with:
    C TRP. 2/1 CAV
    SP/4 N.G.H.

    Reverse side engraved with:

    Narcisso. _. _.
    Gloria S.

    You’ll need to provide the first and middle initials of the names owner (identified above as _. _.)

  2. I’ve acquired a bronze plaque-style grave marker with the following Veteran’s information, looking to get it to the surviving family. Found in a rental house in S. FL.

    DEC 29 1916 – SEPT 8 1996

    • There is a brief notice in the September 10, 1996 Miami Herald. It says Rocco C Caputo of Long Key died Sunday. Funeral Arrangements were by the Martin-Vegue Funeral Home. You might be able to trace the family through the funeral home.

  3. I am trying to find any information on my Grandfather, James A. Marshall Jr who was KIA on January 9, 1945 on a bombing mission to Tokyo. He was on the Mustn’t Touch (42-24657). I have some information, but there does not seem to be much other than list of crew, mission . I have no photos or dont know where to look. Thanks in advance.

    • A photo of the plane is here:


      B-29-40-BW Superfortress (s/n 42-24657) named “Mustn’t Touch” from the 883rd BS, 500th BG, 20th AF. Lost on January 9,1945. Charter crew, 11 KIA. MACR 10903

      There is a memorial page to the Charters Crew on fold3 which includes a picture of the crew. When I am looking at the picture link above, the left side of the page has a link to the Memorial page for Charters.

      • This comes from the Memorial Page:

        On 9 January 1945, Charters flew as the Airplane Command Pilot aboard a Boeing B-29 Superfortress, nicknamed “Mustn’t Touch” (Serial #42-24657) Tail Code Z-Square-45.

        It was one of 72 aircraft launched in a multi-group formation to bombard the Musashino Aircraft Works and Nakajima Aircraft Engine Factory near Tokyo, Japan. However shortly after take-off, his aircraft developed mechanical problems. During climb-out the #1 engine was leaking oil and puffs of black smoke were coming from the #4 engine. At 16,000 feet his aircraft feathered the #1 engine propeller and began to abort the sortie. Last visual contact was at a geographic location of 28 degrees +10 minutes North and 137 degrees +30 minutes East. Last radio contact stated they had lost an engine and were going to ditch. No survivors were ever found, and he was declared killed in action one year later.

      • James A Marshall, Jr was from Iowa. His wife Dorothy (Schooley) was from Winfield. They had a son Larry. Dorothy and son were living in Cedar Rapids at the time according to the NOK list in the MACR (Missing Air Crew Report).

  4. I’m looking for any survivor or family member of a veteran that served in WWII 2nd armored division in Africa Sicily France Belgium Holland and Germany 1942-45. My dad was there and he’s deceased now. I know the chance of finding any information is slim but no harm in asking. Thank you, Evelyn Miller

  5. Can anyone please give me some help with some dog tags I have ? They belonged to a Henry H. Luke Serial number 12130370. I was told his daughter believed he was 8th AAF and flew on bombers but have since been told that a memorial site stated he spent the war in the US. Anyone able to shed any light for me please ? Would love to know what Bomb Group if at all possible. He died in CHEEKTOWAGA NY in 2010. Thanks

  6. I had found my great grandfathers tags and wanted to know about them they are labeled
    I already know that the T-7-44 means he got his Tenitis shot in July of 44′ he has PTSD and doesn’t
    ever talk about it he doesn’t even remember what happened, if you can tell me what to find his squadron, regiment, or crew was and submarine he served on it would be amazing, or somewhere I can find it,

  7. Hello, I recently purchased a WWII Ike jacket from a thrift store, and I was hoping someone here could help me find the identity of the soldier it belonged to. Or, at least, what all these codes mean? Is one of them a serial number?

    Images: https://imgur.com/a/Ipp0n

    Laundry number: G-79 97

    From what I could make out from the tag, it reads:

    Stock No. 35-J-384-550 (or 15-J, or 55-J?)
    SIZE 34R
    P.O. No. 12092
    Dated June 12, 1944
    Pattern Dated May 10th, 1944
    Q. M. C. Tent Spec.
    P. Q. D. No. 437 (or 439?)
    Phila. Q. M. Depot

    • The G-7997 is the soldier’s Laundry Mark. It means his last name started with G and the last four digits of his serial number was 7997. There is a website (not complete) that lets you search by Laundry Mark. When I do that some 51 names come up. Here is a link to those names.


      It is “possible” that one of these men is the person you seek. Your photo link shows the jacket with the 35th Infantry Division patch. There are some websites and a facebook site about the 35th. Do a Google Search on the 35th Infantry Division.

      There is a website that seems to have rosters of some of the regiments/units that served in the 35th, here, (replace the (dot) with a period): www(dot)coulthart.(dot)com

      Click on the link on the page that comes up to the 134th Regiment.. Look for the Personnel Rosters link. The site may have started only for the 134th regiment but then expanded. You could look to compare the names starting with G with the Laundry Mark list on each of the rosters you can find.

      Good Luck.

  8. My grandfather recently passed away and the only thing I asked for were his dog tags, but after cleaning out his whole house they were not found. Someone said they may have had to return them once they were done serving. If anyone has any information on how to obtain the dogs tags if they were returned or information on how to go about looking for them that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Dog tags were not returned, the men kept their tags. It would appear your grandfather’s tags were lost or misplaced over the years. Are there any family stories about someone seeing the dog tags or children playing with the tags? If the family moved around a lot, they may have just been lost or thrown out at some point. Does the family have his discharge papers or photos/letters from his time in service? The tags may be with them.

      • We have all the papers for him but all of my uncles said they had never seen him wear them so with my luck they could be anywhere.

      • Are there any parts of his uniform still around, shirt, jacket, etc? The tags may be with those.

  9. Hi Heroes and family members,

    I need your help, if interested. I am trying to collect any letters from veterans to their daughters during the war. I’m thinking of a book or maybe an internet site. The name/idea is something like, “Love Letters to My Daughter”. I started this idea as a traveling business man back when my daughter was a baby–and kept a journal. The more I thought about it, maybe others like some of you in much more difficult situations, may have sent love letters to your daughters. I thought we could share them as some type of legacy.

    Aside, my Uncle was a teenage prisoner of war in Dachau, came over here and served in Special Forces during Korea. He then was at Wright-Patterson for a number of years.

    Please send me an email with any thoughts, especially letters.
    Thanks, and God Bless you!

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